I feel like this since i was 13 years old i m 23 n

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I feel like this since I was 13 years old I’m 23 now and I think I have lost my will to live now


Hear you. Keep trudging forward. We never know what might be around the corner, and things do change. Wishing you strength, you are valuable.

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hey friend, i’m so sorry you’ve been going through this for 10 years now. it’s understandable how hope can feel lost after so much time has passed dealing with pain and despair like this video highlighted. there are steps forward that can re-ignite your will to live and i truly hope you can request the support - almost like reaching for a life-preserver as you sink - to find that spark. we need you here on this earth, we need your heart that is able to give and receive love. we need your mind that is capable of incredible things. whether it’s finding support systems in friends, family, neighbors, etc., reaching out to a therapist/counselor, help is out there ready to lift you back up to new, grand heights. i believe in you. i value you. thank you for being here.

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I’m sorry friend that life has been so heavy on your for so long. It’s unfair when it feels like we’re somehow dealt with the wrong cards and there is this darkness around us that touches everything and everyone we love. You try different pathways, you name the struggle, you learn and explore different ways to cope. Yet it still feels like life is losing its savor and you’re going throug the same cycles again and again. It’s so hard when it feels like we’re doomed to survive, instead of living like so many others people do - and so naturally on top of it!

I’ve personally felt the way you do throughout my life, and relate to the struggle of not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Dealing with c-ptsd and depression, it feels like I’ve lived most of my life on survival mode rather than having the possibility to embrace the best that could come out of it. My heart goes out to you as you navigate all of this. It’s hard when there’s so much heaviness that it creates this veil between us and the rest of the world, making us feel utterly alone and hopeless. And just for this reason, it takes a serious amount of strength - through the expression of your vulnerability - to choose to open up about it here, to share what’s been on your heart for so long.

Looking back, it can feel depressing and discouraging to think that it’s been the same struggles for years. It makessense to feel like giving up sometimes - it’s the expression of your pain and tiredness, of your need for peace and joy. Through it all, I wanted to extend a message of love your way and a reminder that you matter very much.

Even if it feels like you are stuck in the same patterns and facing the same struggles, you are not the person you were when you were 13yrs old. In the meantime you have grown, you have learned, you have gained knowledge and understanding of yourself - all of these little but significant changes that have been accumulating and make a difference today. You are beautiful, you are important, you are stronger than the obstacles you’ve been facing, my friend. There are better things ahead to explore, discover and enjoy, even if it feels like a complete foreign and distant world right now. I hope you will keep giving yourself the chance to open new doors, to ask for support, to welcome the help you would need and to make the best out of it. This life can be overwhelming and awfully disheartening. Let’s keep trying to find our way all together. :heart: