I feel so alone in this

The title says it all. I’m losing the fight. I don’t know why I’m trying. I just want to be ok. Just want to be happy. Just want to feel like someone cares.

My brain is a mess. My chemicals are out of place. I’m losing.


Hey Lys!

You’re never alone my friend. I love you, so much. You’ve been doing SO well, it’s natural that you’re tired. Take a rest. You will be happy again. If you want, we can play some Overwatch or something at some point, distract you for a bit and help you to realise that you are IMPORTANT.

Hold Fast


Hey @Lyss first freaking love you friend

when ever I am feeling down or not able to fit my problems I go work out. And I have noticed when I am not working out I tend to stress out more lose focus with my ADHD. Go for a run or a walk.

Love you and know you are a strong person and remember we are all here for you


Lys, since I started becoming more involved in HS you’ve been one of the many people I’ve noticed being so positive, so welcoming and so loving, especially in the face of your own hardships. And from what I’ve heard that you have been dealing with for so long, it’s no wonder you feel the way you feel. The reality of it is though is that you aren’t “losing”, you’re just getting tired of fighting everyday and so does everyone else that has to and that’s ok.

@Lyss, you’re awesome. Keep fighting, love you friend.

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You’re not alone Lyss. I know how frustrating is it falling back down. Believe me I KNOW. Over and over I get knocked down. I’m going back to therapy to push back on the inner demon voice which has been raging recently. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your future self to keep getting back up. One of these days it will ease off. If you have to scream positive messages to yourself about yourself that are louder than the inner talk even if they seem unbelievable now…do that. I know you can get to the better place. :facepunch::heart:

We care about you. Sorry it’s been rough. It’ll get better, I believe in you. Reach out any time.

Thanks for the love guys, I appreciate it.

I was able to purchase my birth control yesterday since I couldn’t take it anymore and I am feeling a lot better now.

Love you all, thank you again.

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Thank you so much. I appreciate you very much. I am doing a lot better with these feelings, this has helped me feel better as well.

Love you.