I feel so hurt and confused

Hey guys. So about 2 and a half months ago, my ex dumped me after two years together. It really sucked, but I just recently felt like I would be ok trying to date again.

Recently, I met this guy who seemed really compatible with me. Similar interests, he was funny, kind, and we were really clicking. We went on two dates and both seemed really smitten with one another. I felt really hopeful about my love life for the first time since my breakup.

The day after our second date, he was even texting me saying how distracted he was at work thinking about me. After that though, I didn’t really hear from him. I texted him the next day to make sure everything was cool, and he said his phone had just died. The following day, though, I noticed he unmatched and blocked me (we met on OKC). I sent him a text saying I was really confused about what happened, but he never replied to me. I’m not sure he even got it, he may have blocked my number already by then.

I guess this may sound stupid to some people since it was only two dates, but I don’t know…I really liked him and I’m feeling pretty hurt right now. I wish I could at least have the closure of knowing where I went wrong, it seems harder to move on when I still have this huge lingering question.

thanks for sharing, friend!

i seriously doubt you did anything wrong–it sounds like he was really into you! in this case i think it’s more likely that something in his life made him think that the best course of action would be to cut you out. who knows what exactly that something is, but whatever it may be is not your fault!

rejection is hard to take. it’s especially hard to take right off of another, bigger rejection. the only thing you can do is let time heal the wounds, keep your head high, and reach out when it gets to be too hard (like you did here! yay!).

here’s hoping the next person you go on a date with doesn’t ghost you for some mysterious unknown reason. remember that you deserve love and that, short of actively causing harm, no breakup of any sort is ever your fault!


Thank you for sharing your heart and being vulnerable!

I’m sorry to hear about your most recent dating experience. It can sometimes be so hard to assume what happened as well as not have any sort of closure either. I want to encourage you to know that no matter the reason, you are worth so much more. You are worth and worthy of someone giving you their all and full attention. The greatest part about believing this in your heart is that there should be nothing that you do to earn this, but always remember that you deserve this because you have worth and value. I sincerely hope you find this soon and the right person comes along to make it all worth while.

Stay strong and we are rooting for you!