I feel so miserable with school conflict TW: SH

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions and descriptions of sexual harassment

Throughout middle school, a boy I know has been sexually harassing me everyday at homeroom, a certain class we had together, and recess. He followed me around, stared, and talked to me in a weird and flirty tone. Me and multiple teachers asked him to stop, but he would continue the next day. In high school, we were in different classes and I could go off campus to avoid him at lunch so it didn’t happen to me as often as before. However, when he would see me, even though he followed me once, he would try talk to me in that weird tone. Saying hi in a flirty way and saying sorry (but keep doing it). The final straw was late into last school year where he stared at me.

I decided to file a report for sexual harassment not so he can be suspended and or anything, but so that will push the school to make sure he doesn’t interact with me and that they would talk to him about his behavior. The adult I talked to said she would submit the report so the administration will look at it and see if what he was doing was sexual harassment. I said my side of the situation and I even mentioned that they can talk to a few people to verify what I was saying. But the person I talked to said that most of the bad stuff happened in middle school so it might be not be a big deal now. She said that it also shows improvement in behavior because he doesn’t bother me everyday anymore, so nothing might happen.

Now I feel very upset. I’m worried that if they dismiss the constant harassment, that people will think I’m some narcissistic psychopath who exaggerated and brought up past drama for attention when that isn’t at all the case. I just want people to understand how unsafe and uncomfortable he makes me feel when he continues his behavior (which I think he will because everytime he apologizes, he does it again). What if his behavior got worse or what if he bothers someone else? I feel like no one is understanding how serious this is for me. It’s not about middle school, it’s about the ongoing inappropriate behaviors. Even my dad thinks I’m blowing things out of proportion because it’s my senior year so I’ll leave soon, and that he doesn’t want the boy to be in huge trouble. I hope that all my efforts won’t be for nothing but it looks like it will be and honestly it doesn’t look like anything will change. I just don’t want to deal with all this crap anymore. :frowning:

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I dont blame you for being upset. The unfortunate reality is that people are often far more comfortable siding with a perpetrator than a victim due to the fear of ruining thr perpetrators future. What a lot of people fail to realize is that the perpetrator has already ruined it for themself. I think it is very brave of you to be willing to speak up about this and i would urge you to continue doing so until things get better. It is not your fault you are being harassed and i think it is very honorable for you to want to prevent the same thing from happening to somebody else. I have never been that brave. Overall i am very proud of you and i definitely think you are on the right path, listen to what your gut is telling you, it is the most trustworthy source you have :heart:

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