I feel stupid for giving up job opportunities

I feel like an idiot. The reason why is because I basically keep giving up job opportunities because of small reasons. I’m from New York and go to college in Florida. I went back home over the summer to visit family, and was job searching. I got called for an interview at a grocery store and told them I was there for the summer, and they said they didn’t hire seasonal. I didn’t get the job because I was honest. So the next time I had an interview for a different job, I lied and said I was planning on staying up there. I got the job, and then when the time came that the fall semester for college, I told them that my family was moving and that’s why I was quitting. I did put in a transfer request but they never got back to me, and when I called them they said they would call me once they went through the transfer requests and they never did. When I got to Florida around mid August, I started applying to other jobs. I just got a call on Wednesday and talked to a person in hr for one of the jobs I applied to. They asked if I had open availability around Christmas, and I said no, because I was planning on going back home for Christmas. (Christmas is my favorite holiday and also the one holiday I don’t want to miss by being away from family) They said that they’re looking for people who have open availability during that time, but they would keep my application on file in case they still need to hire more people. So I basically gave up another job opportunity because of a small reason. It seems like being honest gets you nowhere. I feel stupid that I keep being honest and it’s eliminating job opportunities for me, and I also feel stupid that I didn’t just lie so I could get a job. I need a job so I can actually be able to go home for Christmas, and also to pay for car insurance and gas and all that. I’m having a lot of anxiety because time is running out and I still haven’t gotten a job

It is usually better to do the right thing and be honest because eventually it would have caught up. I’m sorry that you are struggling to find employment. It is not a great situation to be in when you have bills and other things piling up. Have you thought about getting an on campus job? The pay may not be the greatest but they usually are able to adjust schedules if you had school or family concerns. Are able to maybe do something seasonal when you are back home? I wish you the best of luck in finding a job and let us know how things work out.


Ah man, really sucks :\ Sucks to feel like you’ve got your integrity, but you have empty pockets…Sucks because it feels like you’ve got these opportunities and you keep showing up at the doorstep and people open the door for you to walk in, then slam it in your face…feels like your nose is bruised from all of these things happening over and over again. Makes you feel discouraged and pissed and like it’s just not fair…and it feels like since they won’t change, you’re considering just saying whatever they want in order for you to get the job because you need it.

I’m bummed for you, man, and I feel you. It feels like “taking the road less traveled” means you’re going to be broke and jobless.

But I agree with @mufcninja – I think you’re doing the right thing, and I’m proud of you, man, because it takes courage to be honest in the face of losing an opportunity as a result. I think you’ve got guts, and that kind of integrity is something money can’t buy.

I know integrity can’t buy car insurance and gas and stuff, but integrity will guide you to another job – you’ve clearly got perseverance and grit and you have what it takes to get jobs. I’d just keep your chin up, your heart steady, and keep moving forward man. You’re going to get the right job in the right way, and things are going to be okay.

In the meantime, proud of your heart.


If family is really important than maybe you should go to a local college and focus on a degree that is accepted around where your family lives. Why? Most likely you will move back to where your family lives anyways because everyone does. Only a few exceptions don’t.

Thank you for the reply @mufcninja @NateTriesAgain
After this semester I’m gonna be graduating with an associate in arts degree, which is basically a general education degree. I’m thinking about majoring in graphic design, but my college doesn’t offer it at the campus I’m at now, so I might transfer to a college in NY. That way I’d be around friends and family, and I wouldn’t have to keep going back and forth.
I haven’t looked into on-campus jobs but I have applied for seasonal positions at various places, including the one that called me the other day. I just wish that one of them would hire me so that I could stop worrying.

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Thank you for the reply too @MentallyillGamer (I tried to tag you in the last reply but it wouldn’t let me tag 3 people)

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