I feel this

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I feel this. :broken_heart:===========

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Yeah. It’s really hard in the middle of it. Hard to have the waves in life be CURRENT. For the pain and the difficulty to feel unrelenting. Especially when life just doesn’t stop. The responsibilities and burdens and expectations don’t care whether or not you’re worn down and exhausted and barely holding onto hope. It can be so ruthless. Sometimes I wish life would have compassion and just be like - you know what? This guy’s had a hard day. Why don’t you just go take a nap, and everything will be just fine until you get back?

But there is something kind about seeing Mark share this story - at least to me - because it says a few key things…1) I’m not alone - we are not alone. These storms in life face us all, and knowing that no one is immune - even our favorite artist - says something about being human. And that commonality is encouraging. Because if I’m not going through this alone, then 2) maybe if I talk about my issues I’ll get compassion instead of judgment. And that hope is critical. Because when we talk about what we’re facing, hope for something to change becomes possible because we open ourselves up to other perspectives…and probably more deeply important than that is that we open ourselves up to receive LOVE.

You matter. Your story and life may be brutal right now, but even in the midst of the mess…you matter. Thank you for commenting. -nate

Sending much love to you, friend. It is really hard when it feels the pain we’ve been already feeling for so long just keeps being repeated from one day to another. It gives this sensation of unwanted familiarity, while deep inside you long for a new sense of clarity and healing in your life. Having to carry on the same burdens over and over with no perspective of change in sight really feels like having the spark of life b eing taken away from you. But not in an brutal and obvious way - on the contrary, in particularly painful and sneaky way that feels so slow and takes so much time that you do have all the time in the world to see it happening. It’s awful to feel stuck in a place of witnessing your life going on in ways that affect you negatively and feeling like it’s unfolding without you, without your consent. You wish to regain control, to make a difference and explore new pathways, but there is this heaviness that keeps on lingering and pressuring your soul every day.

I’m sorry friend that this has been a place you’ve found yourself in lately. I know it’s hard to see, from that place, the possibility for a different future, and I hope that you can hold on to the knowledge that healing and change are possible, even when it feels like it isn’t. Brighter days are ahead -keep on taking good care of yourself, my friend. :heart: