I guess my mom is not proud of me afterall

(for all cunfused my mom is FTM so its he/him but i still say mom) I was on the way home from school because my mom picked me up after school and he started yelling at traffic like he was talking to me so i said if u are talking to me i am really not in the mood then we got home and he started to say he was proud of me but all i knew was he was talking so i said what annoted like cus he knows now aint the time but i realized he was saying he was proud of me but he said nevermind i wi te u later knowing him he wont i actually thought he was proud of me but ig not and i really needed to hear him say he was proud of me its beena tough few months even weeks and even days but ge stopped didnt even bother to finish my mom never says he is proud of me and ig he never will


Hey Angel - I’m sorry you are feeling some mixed emotions right now. I think it’s good that you stood up for yourself in the car. Have you asked him to talk to you since this happened? I’m sure he is proud of you, but maybe he just forgot to say it out loud. Sounds like you are having a hard time in general, regardless of what you are going through, you are worthy of love as a human being!

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Thank you for the support unfortunately i cant really talk to my mom or approach him how im feeling ever cus he either blames me for trying to start an argument or gets frustrated and yells at me but its okay i have people like my older sibling proud of me

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