I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday [TW - medication discussion]

Hi all.

I went to the doctor Wednesday and brought up some issues I’ve been having, particularly with my low blood pressure reading and the fact that the muscle relaxer I was on was not helping much because I was still having muscle spasms so bad they would twist my calves and I told her I’ve been trying to lose weight but it’s hard when my legs still hurt from the spasms even when I don’t exercise.

She ended up stopping one of my blood pressure medications and so far my blood pressure has been normal still. She also switched me to a different muscle relaxer which so far has stopped the vast majority of pain and spasms, but it also makes me super tired a couple hours after I take it. And so far it makes me somewhat dizzy, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m still adjusting to it or I get up too fast.

I’m trying to decide if I should wait it out a little longer since I literally just started the new medication or if I should call my doctor already.


Hey sapphire! I’m glad that it’s been helping in one sense, but sorry to hear that it’s been still giving you some side affects. I know sometimes people think they should ride it out, but I always think that it’s okay to ask your dr about any concerns. Better they be there to support you and guide you through anything that may seem off than for you to struggle through on your own. I hope you’re feeling better soon!


Hey Sapphire
Thanks for the post, I am pleased these new meds seem to be working for you however if you have any concerns what so ever, it doesnt matter how long its been, either give your doctor a call or pop and have a chat with a pharmasict and see what they say. I really hope they give you good news so that you can keep improving. Much Love Lisa x


hey sapphire,

you are your own advocate when it comes to your health and it sounds like you’re doing amazing by listening to your body. do whatever would give you the most peace-of-mind whether it’s waiting it out or scheduling another appointment if there’s availability. i wish you all the best in finding a treatment/medication that works best with you and your needs! it’s always hard to start a new medication but you’re doing your best with checking in with yourself and how your body reacts.



Hi Sapphire,

Despite the name, I’m not a medical doctor, but if I were you, I would make an appointment to see your doctor. Even if it’s nothing, it’s enough to make you worried. That’s a good enough reason to go and talk to your doctor to make sure everything is okay, if only to put your mind at rest.

I hope it goes well and that these side-effects are only temporary. x


Thanks everyone for your replies and support.

I will wait a few days, its the weekend and Monday is a holiday so I have some time to see if anything gets better.

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I’ve decided I need to stop taking my new medication. There is just way too many serious side effects.

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Hey Sapphire, I am glad you have made the right decision for you. Perhaps you can talk to your doctor about where you go next? xx

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Hopefully. It is my intention to call her today after work.