I had a nightmare a few days ago

Two nights ago I had a nightmare that I had COVID-19 and I was suffocating I hardly got any sleep. My brother got COVID-19 and he’s been healthy and following the diet my mom gave him she’s a nutritionist and dietician. I have been staying home, social distancing and wearing masks and only going on for the necessities like food and laundry but still this pandemic is getting to me I’ve been paranoid of getting it.

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This nightmare sounds to be really scary, @ranma1983!

Also it sounds that you’ve been following the safety recommendations really well. Though, there’s also all the informations we receive everyday and the way we process it. Your fear of getting covid is valid. There’s probably many of us who experienced this fear for themselves or their loved ones at one moment or another during the last few months. I’ve been afraid about it some days, especially since I’m part of the “vulnerable” population. In these circumstances I guess a good way to take care of ourselves is to learn to manage that fear in healthy ways.

I don’t know if this could be helpful to you, but there’s an exercise here on the Support Wall that happens to be a great resource to work on this fear of seeing our loved ones being sick - or being sick ourselves:

I hope your nights are better since you had this nightmare! Take care, Ranma.

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Ty so much for the link Micro

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You aren’t alone in the night terrors, I have a couple of close friends who are suffering daily from them. Many to be covid related.
My best suggestion to help, is find something of peace for yourself and try to do that 15 minutes a day. Try to remind yourself
It is okay to be afraid, you can handle this. (If you were to say this to yourself before bed. It can help calm the fear down during the night)

I hope your nightmares don’t continue !

I Am and praying and reading the bible helps a lot