I had a unique reverse experience with this song i

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Belongs to: Cinematic Emotional Masterpiece by Deathcore Band! - Lorna Shore Pain Remains Therapist's Reaction
I had a unique reverse experience with this song. It came out as I had just began chemotherapy for my cancer, and seeing myself as the one to be sick and pass away, consequently leaving my girlfriend with all the pain that remains was a heartbreaking thought. At a time in my life when I was so weathered and exhausted, and then being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, part of me believed death would not be such a bad option. The effort she made to take care of me as I began chemotherapy and her immense demonstrations of love for me inspired me to fight. I couldn’t bear the thought of her being in the place of the man in the video, so I decided that I must push on at all costs. Lorna Shore helped me to visualize what being on her side of our relationship during this time must be like for her. Seeing how much my diagnosis and treatments effected her because of her love for me gave me something to cling to.


Your testimony is absolutely beautiful. Through all the sorrow, the losses, through the hardships you’ve been facing lately, you have found a way to keep seeing LIFE where it is. Somehow, cancer appeared as this devastating fire that burned everything around you, and as you were walking around you’ve been tempted to lay down and stay there. But while you’ve been laying down on the ground, you’ve noticed the beauty of the sky again. You’ve seen that roots kept growing. And that love has never ceased to be directed your way. Even when it felt like your life stopped, even when you thought it would be better to surrender, you have learned to tilt your head on the side, and realized that this desolated picture can look very different when the point of view is changed. It rotates your perspective at 180°c. Life, love, her - they never left you. They have been challenged, but they have still been very strong and very real. The only piece it was missing was you. And it is such a beautiful renewal but to hold on to what you can see now not just with your eyes, but with your heart and soul.

As you walk through the obstacles and challenges that life has put on your way, I wish you to keep fighting, to keep trying. Cry, scream, laugh, smile, doubt and sing. Experience it all. You are alive, you are loved, and you will kick this cancer out of your life. One day at a time my friend. There’s a powerful fire in you that is yet to be extinguished. We’ll all be rooting for you here.

You’ve got me crying all over again. What a beautiful story. I’m happy that you fought & that you’re still here. I hope that you’re doing well.

That’s a beautiful insight to have. Thank you for sharing this. <3

Sad to see I wasn’t the only one, I hope you’re still around and doing well

I’m in a similar scenario, but on her side of the fence. I can’t tell you how terrifying this all is, though I guess I probably don’t need to. This has got me so fucked up. I hope you’re doing well brother, wherever you are.

I hope you’re doing well! I just came across this comment and it hit me hard as I’ve had 2 family members lose the battle

This was beautiful. This old man teared up some at your words