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I had courage

Yesterday I was having bad urges to self harm myself then I saw that HeartSupport was live and that it was Dan so I went to check out the stream and to talk, whilst doing that I told them I was having bad urges again, they told me to call a help/crisis-line but I did not want to call but eventually at the end of the stream I had built up enough courage (mainly through the support of HeartSupport) that I was ready to text a help/crisis-line, I did text them how ever after talking for a bit I realized they where not really of any help sadly, they gave me some resources I still have to look into, however I think the resources that HeartSupport gives me are better.
I did not self harm yesterday or this morning before work, but the urges still loom over me, however less bad then yesterday.
Stay safe everyone, love Alexis.


@Alexis Thank you for giving an update from yesterday. Even though you didn’t get the help you really wanted by calling a help line, I’m glad you did it anyway. It was a truly brave thing to do and I’m super impressed with your courage to reach out. Please check out the resources they did offer you. Use what helps and don’t use what doesn’t help.

I’m glad you are part of the HS community @Alexis. You make this a better place with your presence and your love. Know that we love you and you mean the world here.


omg @Alexis I am so flippin proud of you. I have the biggest smile on my face.

THAT my friend is exactly why Heartsupport is here!!! I am sorry that you didnt gain more from the crisis line and would encourage you to try it again if needed as, as Dan said to you yesterday, heartsupport is to offer support and info on crisis not a replacement for crisis, we just arent equipt for that. However saying that if coming to a stream and relaxing, talking and spending time is helping the that is perfect. That is pretty much how we all feel. I know after a stressful day to watch Dan draw and chat or Megs do her embroidery is such a lovely way to calm back down and focus back on something other than a horrible day.
You have made my day for sure. Much Love Lisa x


From: I Am Reclaimer

Hey Friend, I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. The urge to self harm can be incredibly strong and seem like the only thing you can do to stop fealing a certain way. I’m glad you joined the live chat, though. Sometimes just talking with people about it heals you as much as or even more than how good the self harm might be. I’m also glad that you reached out to a helpline. It means you’re serious about getting help - when the urge is looming over you, have you tried to go for a walk, meditate, read…anything to help take your mind off of self harm? Whenever I get these feelings I like to go on a walk because it forces me to get out of my head. Stay strong my friend, and keep joining HS stuff! Maybe you can help on the Support wall, too?

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From: ManekiNeko

hey just checking in on you, I hope you’re doing okay. I’m so proud of you for the steps you have taken already. You’ve got that safety plan in place and it was such a big step to reach out to a crisis line for support. Perhaps the one you used didn’t quite help, but there’s always so many more out there with people who are qualified to get you through these situations. If you need more ideas and encouragement with you plan, you are always safe to talk about it with us. Please remember how valued and loved you are by your friends and this community. I really am looking forward to seeing your growth.


Oh my friend,

I was so proud of you when you decided to text the helpline yesterday & I am so proud of you at this moment as well. I have seen improvements in the small time that I have known you. I know that you can do it & I believe in you. Keep on going. You deserve all of the things.

You are wonderful. You are valid. You are enough. You are strong. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart: