I hate argument contests

My moron boss, was getting into a pissing contest me. Saying would not last a day in ghetto. And that I’m fucking rat, basic saying bitch ass rat.

It funny type guy, that literally fucking cry when the boss tell him do his job. Also almost got me fire, when got drunk and broken a window in my work area. Then make me lie for him.

Later ,he kept treated to fire me, cause he jealous that do a better job cleaning toilets. Plus he type guy that beat on wife and cheats on her. Yeah really fucking tough, he nothing but bitch.

Two things……

I’m trying not care (honestly I do care a lot of people think me, they weak person) but I said this. I’m the weakness and biggest coward. But I admit, but this bitch ass sad version of man, he nothing but a coward. Because he know he can win fight with me. If he truly tough, he would not have to say anything. Why me bother to called me out. He could beat the shit out me, but he no better than me. He fucking racist , dumb ass close mind person that can’t even clean toilets. I rather be a an honest whimp, then a fuck tough guy like him.

I hate how get a rat. Only there was time I did rat someone to cop, I could have been arrested and gotten my other friends in trouble. However, I am the guy that mine his business, but if you get me involved in your bullshit. Sorry I throw to the motherfucking wolves and laugh. Because this guy I’m talking about would exactly the same thing to me and would not loose sleep over it.

In opinion, I’m not a rat, I just guy trying make an honest living and do my job. Fuck all these jersey shore spike hair fake people picking on me. Go smoke you drunk and listen to shitty hip pop and five finger death punch. Get out my life losers.


Hi my friend,
thank you for sharing. thank you for letting this all out.
people tend to make others feel bad, because their own life has something they aren’t having or missing. when people
get “control” over others, in work situations or else, they try to manipulate and taking control of their status.
but also you can’t see what he is carrying around. i don’t want to find an excuse what he did, that is sounding horrible.
you did great so far. no one deserves this what you have experienced. you took a bullet for someone other.
that is showing heart, your heart my friend. stay true to yourself. you did great with venting here, you did great over
the course over the last month, from what i have seen. you are aware of what you are going through and how
you feel. that is a huge step forward. it is hard to stay calm in these situations, no one deserves to be.
i also tend to mind my business, and take care of myself, that is important. if more people would do that, we would
have less problems.
i hope your day will be better and beautiful, you are loved and you matter most :purple_heart: feel hugged

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Hi there @Metalskater1990,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble with others at work. It’s incredibly frustrating when people are disrespectful and you shouldn’t be treated in that way. I’d also imagine that these office politics, lies, and threats around employment just go to further exacerbate that already tense, upsetting situation.

Making an honest living is all anyone can expect from you and I hope you take pride in all your efforts despite the challenging work environment. You’re a valued, amazing person and I hope you start receiving the respect and kindness that you deserve.

I hope that writing this helped, and want to thank you again for sharing with us and being here.

<3 Tuna

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Hi again @Metalskater1990

I’m sorry to hear you’re in a bad time with your work right now.

You are not either of these things. In fact, sharing these things with us today shows great bravery and strength. How does that sound? I would wonder if possibly going to a higher up in your workplace would be a good idea. It sounds like this guy makes work unbearable.

It’s very disgusting behavior for him to abuse you mentally, and his wife physically. And to cheat on her? That’s beyond low.

This is a good thing to remind yourself. If you do your job, and do it well-- that’s all that matters. You’ll a lot of the time find people to be jealous over you succeeding. However, we must learn to turn on our blinders, and block toxicity like this out of our psyche. I would like to share a reference on daily affirmations for yourself to help build up more self esteem for you:

Here is a resource for handling toxic employees:


I hope you are taking some free time to provide yourself some self care. Definitely get plenty of rest, and try not to let him bother you. He isn’t worth taking up your energy. Thank you for keeping us updated with your life.

Take care, @Metalskater1990


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