I hate fights

I don’t know if this is thanks to the past two years I spent with people who were screaming at each other ever day (i mean probably lol) but i’m so overly sensitive to any kinds of arguments or fights. i dont even need to be involved, just witnessing it alone sends me into a panicky state. Hell, even arguments that are meant in a joking way can sent me to that state of mind. It really fucking sucks. I just witnessed two of my friends have a slightly heated conversation and it made me spiral. I guess it’s because i’m used to every small thing and difference evolve into full blown fights.

Sorry if this is all over the place, i’m stressing out right now lmao


I’m sorry that you’re going through this, that sounds like an incredibly difficult thing to struggle with and that amount of anxiety when an argument happens must be really overwhelming. You are so loved and cared for here. Have you told any of your friends about this? Maybe they would be more concious of how an argument affects the people around them if they knew you were struggling with this.

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I haven’t addressed it to those friends, no. I tried before with another friend group but they didn’t really seem to care. Or at least they only acted like it when I was breaking down lmao

I’m a little scared to tell them, I’ve always been told that I don’t have a reason to be panicking and that it doesn’t make sense, since I’m not involved in the argument/fight. I actually thought it’s gotten better, because over the course of the previous year I barely had a problem with it anymore. But, well, here we are again.

From: Ash (Discord)

I am so sorry you are struggling through this. It is not an easy thing to deal with but we all need the support and love of others and when people are arguing around us it is hard. I personally struggle when anyone raises their voices. Have you shared with those closest to you that it triggers you? Perhaps having a sit down with those nearest you would really be a benefit to them.

From: Ash (Discord)

I just got the rest of what you shared and I just want to say that having an issue with arguments around you and yelling is not something to be mad at yourself for. You are loved no matter what it is. If a friend group is not understanding of that fear they may not be the best people to be around. I personally deal with this so I struggle at times to feel like I am good enough but I continue to remember that my needs and stuff need to be first and come first. You are loved. Never forget that if others dont accept you for you than thats on them.

From: ThatGuy (Discord)

What my take on it is, I would go connect with some of your closest friends and family. Try to remove yourself from whoever or whatever is causing the fights. Maybe hang out with more friends that see what you see. Make some new ones if you have too. Talk it out with someone you know who cares. Like some close family or someone here!

From: prryplatypus (Discord)

Hi there! Fights are definitely an uncomfortable situation to face. I myself struggle when I see others get into heated arguments, even if they don’t affect me. It is just the fact that others are unable to talk in a calm manner that makes me feel uncomfortable and frustrated, because it seems so unnecessary to me in the first place. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it though! Unlike the others, you are able to get your point across without situations escalating. That is a privilege! You should be proud of it :smiley:

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