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I hate my life and want to die

I hate this. I hate life. I hate all this shit. Everyday I get treated like I’m worthless and like I have no value whatsoever. In the past week I’ve been attacked physically, had people who are over me make things up to get me in trouble, and have been treated just awfully. I have bite marks on me and cuts on my hands from when I was attacked. I get treated like absolute shit everyday. I hate the army. In the army I guess it’s okay to be attacked physically, mentally, emotionally and have my character and belief in God attacked every single day just because those people are higher rank than me because they have college level education. Yet i get treated like absolute shit, have to pick up all of their slack and it’s justified to be attacked soley due to them being higher rank because of college and it’s okay that I have bruises and broken skin because I had to drop out of highschool for being homeless. I really hate it all right now.

Hey @dampbread, I’m sorry you feel like this. Life sucks sometimes, but it doesn’t last forever. For people who treat you like shit, they don’t understand you. That’s their fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. Keep your head up and don’t let anyone try to think they can dictate how you live.
This won’t last forever friend. Post on here whenever you want, ok? :slight_smile:
You’re not alone