I Have A Little Bit of Happiness

Today I answered an ad on Facebook Market and I got a box full of Manga of different titles all for free but its in Thai. It was like a blessing to me because Manga is a hobby of mine and it helps me deal with stress and forget about reality even for a little bit. Its my escape from a lot of bad of things have happened to me in the last few years and the rest that I don’t read I can donate to a library or to a book store in Thaitown. Here are the pictures.

This is the perfect way to learn a new language!

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Thank you for sharing your bit of happiness! I used to love manga a lot, as it was my escape too. Even if you can’t understand them, the pictures, expressions and scenes are still lovely. Have you tried drawing manga? It’s difficult at first but a very rewarding craft that you can always have fun improving on!


love you friend :heart: glad you’re here: )

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