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I have always sabotaged myself

I don’t know why I sabotage myself. And now I feel like I’ve done it so much actually I

Hey friend, I know you’re struggling with all of this at once and it is not easy because I have (and continue to) dealt with similar things in my life. I have a genetic condition that has greatly altered my appearance and it leaves me constantly feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I too go to great lengths to try and connect with those around me, even if it means not always being kind to myself. We have to recognize that this is not a healthy way to live our lives, and that we do have tremendous value in the world that goes beyond the surface and what people are able to see of us. Those who truly love and appreciate us will make us feel comfortable in ourselves even when we are not, and we simply need to let go of those that do not.

You’re amazing friend, thank you for having the courage to post and open up. Hold fast.

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@Denilife Hold Fast.
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