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I have anxiety about my heart whenever it flutters/skips a beat (discovered I have a small heart condition) - it always fills me with dread that I might be having a heart attack or something

That must be very scary, I’m sorry that you have a heart condition. I hope that it’s something that can be treated, so you don’t have to experience those feelings of dead. You matter!

Yes. That constant sense of WORRY. So hard. Because you can’t run away from it. And there isn’t like a magic pill or remedy. It feels like something that’s just happening TO you, and you don’t understand it, and you can’t predict it, so you’re just kind of constantly listening in, waiting for the shoe to drop. Fucking sucks.

Having a heart condition that causes those weird flutters/skipped beats can be very anxiety provoking. I too have a bit of a cardiac thing like that and yes, it hits the anxiety button for me too when it happens. It has taken me a few years to learn how to stop, breathe and evaluate what I am feeling. Once I can identify that it’s the palpitations, I can calm the anxiety because I know what’s happening. If this continues to cause anxiety issues for you though, talk to your doctor about it. They may be able to help from a medical end. Thank you for sharing.