I have been listening to nf for a long time each o

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I have been listening to NF for a long time, each of his songs is an escape from the overwhelming reality, I have been struggling with the lack of hope for several years now, I honestly don’t remember why I just killed it in myself, now every day is putting on a mask and pretending to everyone that I’m fine. Thank you for your videos, I think that, like Nathan, I have to face my demons.


I’m so glad you reached out and shared! I’m sorry you have been dealing with hopelessness for so long that you feel you have to put on a mask for those around you. Wearing a mask and hiding our true selves adds to the exhaustion and soon we can feel like we don’t even know who we are anymore. I am so encouraged by your last sentence though! You are stating that you are ready to face things and that’s huge! Realizing that and saying it is so empowering! I felt hopeless during a season in my life, and when I made the decision to fight and face things it started me in a path toward healing and wholeness. You deserve that too! Taking off our masks can be scary because we don’t know how others will react, but we can’t let that fear stop us from being true to who we are! There is only one YOU and if you hide that person from the world we are all going to miss out on your uniqueness and the purpose you were created for. When I started sharing my struggles, not everyone understood but I realized that was ok. I didn’t need everyone to. Facing your demons won’t necessarily be easy but nothing worth doing ever is. You will grow through the process and come out on the other side stronger, wiser and whole. I pray for continued courage for you as you embark on your healing journey! You are not alone and we are here to listen. I have so much hope for you and I am in your corner supporting you! You’ve got this! Hold fast! Stay strong!


It is so hard to feel like having to put a mask on all the time. You wish deep inside to be authentic and to be really seen as you are, but at the same time you feel all the heaviness and hopeless inside, lift a heavy baggage you have to lift over and over. It is the type of feeling that makes you want to retreat and stay on your own, even if on the paper people see you and interact with you. There’s something about this heaviness being carried that often makes us feel like it shouldn’t be shared, that it would make us inadequate somehow and not fitted for the way this world functions. That others are not prepared to see it or understand it - they would ask too many questions, they would be judgmental, they would be afraid… so many reasons to keep the mask on.

I’m so very thankful that you chose to leave the mask right here with us. You allow others to see YOU, and I can promise you that what we can see here is nothing to be ashamed of or to run away from. On the contrary, there is a lot of strength to witness in the very fact that you open up and talk about how you’ve been feeling. It may not seem like being important at first, but it is that kind of step that, altogether, can make a difference in the long run. :heart: