"I have no mouth, and I must scream."

I’ve never reached this point in my mental health, where I begin thinking of all sorts of ways to kill myself and I can’t talk to anyone about it. I have no genuine interest in living or this world. I don’t believe this life is worth living.

Every day, I want to die. If I had a gun or the right amount of meds, I would have killed myself long ago. I tried to a couple months ago and ended up staying up for 2 days straight.

I’ve tried getting better and for a little while, things looked hopeful and now I’m back to a worse mentality.

I don’t want to be here anymore.

I know this problem, it’s a real big thing and it will only tumor around in you.
If you want to talk and socialize, we can reach a solution to your suicidal attempts.
Just say the word bud

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Scream here friend. We will listen. Life is worth living. You’ve gotten this far, you can keep fighting. We love you.

Hold fast.


Hey Megadave,

Please don’t give up. We know you can get through this, and we’re here to be a community that supports and loves you through it. It’s hard when things are looking up, and then suddenly theres seems to be something that takes us right back to where we were, or worse. I struggle with wanting to leave this world as well, but I know we can do this. Something is keeping us here and life must be worth fighting for. I do believe in hope, and even on the worst nights, there’s hope. Honestly, keep fighting to find it and keep holding fast. You are courageous and you can do this.


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Please don’t give up. I know things are hard right now. That it seems like “what’s the point?” But keep holding on. We are here for you.


I appreciate the responses and love. Thank you, everyone

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Hey @Megadave020,

We care about you, and we want to see you live to tell your story. You have so much empathy to share, and you can help so many people going through the same thing. You’re strong! We believe in you.


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