I have nothing, therefore, I am nothing

I have nothing.
No home.
No job.
No one.
No love.
No soul.
Having nothing is being nothing.
Being a microscopic piece of the universe, such a small fragment will go unnoticed upon its disappearance.
I have nothing, therefore, I am nothing.


This sounds so hard to go through. Thank you for sharing. Human beings are more than what we have. we are also the people that we love, and the experiences we have, and the lessons we learn from the pain. It sounds like you are going through actual hell right now, but I’m here to tell you that you matter because you have the entire heartsupport community that cares for you and loves you. You are worth so much, and I really hope you are able to realize that, and also find what you need and want so desperately. Life is difficult and it will always be unpredictable. But it can also be great. I’m choosing to stay right now because even after going through hell and back I’ve been able to have enough moments that really solidify my purpose on this Earth as a human being. I believe that everyone has a purpose, and I really hope you find yourself soon. Stay safe, stay strong :black_heart:

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You have a body
2 Hands
An electronic device
A will to try

You have a will to try, otherwise you wouldn’t have said anything. It’s not easy, and sometimes the best you can do everyday is survive. That’s ok.

I know a kid in Finland who talked very similarly to this about himself and he started everyday by making his bed. That’s a victory already.

We’re always going to be here for you, friend.