I have the same experience as you i couldnt even g

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I have the same experience as you! I couldn’t even go to her funeral. I’ve forgotten how to be me since 2017. I also have chronic pain that she kept telling me to go to the doctor for. My MRI showed a congenital debilitating disease in my spinal column and cord. I was also diagnosed with a few other congenital defects and M.E. So I feel depressed, sad, I can’t describe the depth of my pain inside and outside. Chalk Outlines is the other song that describes me.

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Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

The funeral was traumatic for me in 2017 when my grandfather passed away. If I was in your situation, I would be sad and frustrated. I struggled with a medical condition too but I never let impact my lifestyle and close loved ones. You can fight through this tough situation. I’m here to support no matter wha how difficult your life is.