I have things that happened to me in my life thats

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I have things that happened to me in my life that’s hard to let go of


Hi there,

it’s completely okay to feel like this. it is definitely a feeling that i think so many people can understand and feel on a different level. even i have been there where i cannot seem to let go of things that have happened. if you need anything, the heartsupport team is always here for you, but just understand that you are heard and valid for your feelings. sending you love.


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Hey there, i know exactly what it feels like and i can definitely relate

Its really hard, the disappointment, the heartbreak, the frustration and anger that comes from it… just know that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… IT WILL make you stronger, belive in that

Also do not let it define you as a person, you are worth it! And you deserve to be happy! Do not let it change you, use it to fuel the fire in you and to keep moving forward, i promise you great things are waiting, do not give up on yourself and your loved ones, keep going! You got this! Do not let anything drag you down.

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hey friend,

i’m thankful you reached out. life brings so many difficulties and traumas that it’s understandable that some may not be easy to let go of. some things just stick with us for life. finding peace, healing, or learning appropriate coping skills is a rewarding challenge when we face obstacles like the one you expressed of letting go of things. if you ever need to share more about things (it’s cathartic to write out everything and anything), your heartsupport community is here for you unconditionally. you aren’t alone. you are loved and so, so valued.


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You are not alone at all! We all struggle with things from our past, things that we hold on to. Don’t ever feel like this is something that you are facing alone. I have so many things in my past that haunt me every day. Mistakes made in my previous marriage that I struggle to let go of and that has caused me to not be able to be fully healed. I don’t know what you are going through and i dont want to try and compare your trauma to a broken marriage, but i do know what it feels like to not be able to let go of things. You are so brave to acknowledge that those things have burdened you, that is the first step in beginning a healing process. It can be a long and painful road, but don’t allow those things to define who you are. You are a strong and courageous person that has so much life to live. You can take control of your trauma and use it to create something great inside you. I see you and I believe you will find healing and will in turn be an inspiration to others.

With love

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To some degree a lot of people can relate to holding onto something that hurts to let go of. It can feel like re traumatisation having to open those wounds and having to face them all over again.
The impact of holding it is also a heavy burden to carry alone. Sometimes it feels like if we keep looking back and thinking about it, perhaps we will gain insight and find an explanation or sometimes it feels like it’ll help us avoid being hurt in the future.
Self healing is a journey that can be reached, it’s a journey that can open and explore the potential of who you can be without this lingering hurt, doubt or fear.

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself some grace. We all move at our own pace and it’s so important to listen to what your mind and body need.

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I can totally relate to that. Sharing these difficult times is a great way to get the support you deserve. You are not alone.
With love,

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