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I have this weird feeling I simply don't understand what is happening and what should I do. Anxiety and depersonalization

I have reached to a point in my life where every single moment I live is full of struggles. I don’t know if there’s something really wrong with me or it is just my messed mind. I have a lot of negativity inside me now. My first mental health related issue was when my ex broke up with me, she was everything for me but I don’t what I did and why she cheated me for another guy. I shouldn’t lie here so I must say it here I could never get her off my mind. I did everything for her but nothing could keep her in my life. I became so much fragile after breakup now I am dealing with this all from last 4 months. I have visited 4 doctors so far but no one is sure how to treat me — that makes me think what the hell is happening. I don’t know what to do and how to keep moving on and as usual I feel like I don’t exist…


I’m right there with you in a lot of ways. I was engaged to be married. That relationship ended last November. Out of nowhere she told me I’m not who she wants, after being together for a year and saying yes when I asked her to marry me. So even after 9 or 10 months now this is something I can still struggle with. For me I just have to keep coming back to the place where I trust God that it was all for the best. I also have been having a lot of struggles and negativity too. I can share from experience that having someone to talk to surely helps. Letting everything out that’s inside. And of course praying will help too. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.


Sorry to hear this and thanks a lot. I wish you the same and will also remember in you prayers

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