I haven t smiled in years

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I haven’t smiled in years


hey there,

i am so sorry that you are feeling like this right now. i know that life can bring a lot of insane ups and downs but i hope that when the ups happen, you can feel it and embrace it. not being able to smile for so long, whether it be days, weeks, and months can be difficult, but you are loved and supported here. don’t lose hope and keep on keeping on. thank you for being here bud,

kindest wishes,

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hey there! I’m really sorry to hear that. if you ever need someone to talk to or if there’s anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the heart support wall. sometimes just sharing what’s on your mind can make a difference.

sending love, celina <333

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Life throws so many objects at times, it can feel a heavy burden to not find a reason to smile or have hope in your heart. You’re not alone through this journey. The lows feel like decades can pass and you’re just throwing a hand up in deep waters and the rescue boats keep passing by.
I hope by sharing how you’re feeling right now is a step towards feeling there is someone reaching back to you, and that this community can build some support around you during this time. No obligations, no requirements, just sending you love


hey friend,

thank you for reaching out. it’s tough when there’s not much in life to spark joy or even a smile. that weight gets heavier as the days pass. i’m sorry you haven’t smiled in so long. you deserve to smile, to feel love, and to love. are there things that have brought you joy in your past that you could bring back into your life (pets, volunteering, hobbies, etc.)? you’ll be in my thoughts, my friend. i’m hoping with everything that i got that you can smile again soon. you’re loved & infinitely valued.


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Im really sorry that you are going through something like this.

It absolutely sucks not being able to smile, not being able to experience joy, laughter, the love of your people is someone nobody should have to go through, but ill tell you this…

Trust me when i tell you that no storm stays, at some point the storm passes, and the sunlight is there again, just know that you are loved, you are worth it! Do not quit on yourself, keep hangin in there, keep fighting, cause i promise you, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, dont give up on yourself! You are loved and youbare worth! Were in it together, always know that you are not alone!

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You don’t need to say anymore, what you said hits me hard. I know what you are saying, and I know how that feels. I’ve been there, and if I’m honest, I still find myself in that place. You aren’t alone in what you’re dealing with; it’s a real place. It took me years to be able to find that smile again, but I was able to. When you find yourself in that dark place, it seems impossible to find any light and when you do see a glimmer it feels like life will throw water on that flame. Though you may not have found a reason to smile, you have found reasons to continue to try. Sometimes that’s what we need to keep moving forward. It’s hard, life sucks at times and at times it sucks bad, but keep fighting, and you will find your infectious smile once again. You’ve got this!

With love

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Wow, that sounds really rough. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such a long difficult time. You are definitely not alone. We’re here for you. Sending love and hope your way.

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hey buddy,
i’m sorry you’ve been feeling down for such a long period of time. once you’re caught in a negative state of mind, it can be extremely difficult to get out of it. i hope you find something that makes you smile. you are cared for and valued and i’m sure others have missed your smile just as much as you have.

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