I hope everyone is ok

Just a little check in. How is everyone. My depression hasn’t been too bad this past week. I still get some really bad days though.

How is everyone


That was very kind of you to check in with everyone here! That’s why I love this community! Everyone truly does care. I am glad you are having a bit better of a week. That’s so good to hear my friend.

I have been struggling a lot lately with my depression and chronic pain. It’s been really painful and I finally shared to my wife that I have been suicidal again lately. She has been very supportive and helping me through it. Today, fortunately, has been a bit better.

Stay strong my friends! I am grateful for all of you here! :slight_smile:

Trying to hang in there. Thanks for asking friend! I’m glad you’re doing seemingly well! :heart:

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I didn’t think a website would be so helpful. I’m truly grateful for this site

Thank you for asking. Not many do. Horrible at the moment tho

hey @MRLeite15 hope all is wel with you besides the depression . i have been pretty well , just remember you are loved no matter what . Hold Fast you’re worth it!