I hope I’m good enough

So recently I’ve been talking to this girl I’ve liked since high school and while we agreed to wait to get serious and date, until we had our lives together with like full time jobs and living on our own, which I’m completely ok with, I just feel like she’ll find someone better. I’m hopping to talk to her about this as she knows it’s one of my fears. I’m not the best looking guy, and not most financially secure guy in the world but I’ll do what I can to give her the whole world. I just want to make her happy and I’m worried I won’t get to. We’ve been very open about our fears and insecurities and such, it’s just hard to think positively when every girl I’ve dated till now has been manipulative and abusive either verbally, physically or emotionally. I just want things to work out once for me.

Hey Bcrit!

So just saying, when you said that you would give her the whole world, that melted my heart. Obviously being financially stable is important, but what it comes down to is how kind and caring your partner is. The other stuff you can work out or improve, you can’t really improve someone being caring when they’re not. You seem like you really care about this girl and you are putting her feelings first, or at least in high regard. That’s really sweet. What I want you to realize is that even if things don’t work out with this specific girl it doesn’t mean it will never work out with anyone. You have been hurt before and I am so sorry about that. You seem too caring to be manipulated and hurt. You deserve someone who cares for your feelings and your wellbeing as much as you care for them. And until you find that right person, take time for yourself. Work on self love and when that right person comes you’ll be more ready than ever. I do hope things work out with this girl, but if they don’t you are still worthy. You are still worth healthy, healing, and caring love.

Hold fast.

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