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I jus need someone to talk to

It’s been a rough month and there’s jus to much goin on there’s a bunch of good stuff that should make me happy but then there’s stuff that has me so worried about everything and I feel like my world is falling down around me


First - welcome to heartsupport, and thank you for coming here to post for support!

For me, good things and bad things are two totally separate things. I’ll be upset about bad things, but simultaneously pleased about good things - neither negates the other for me! That being said, emotions are not a scale of good to bad, they’re a scale of high emotion to low emotion - so super happy and super angry and super sad all exist next to each other, which is why you can go from elated to despairing in a hot second.

Worry can be OK, but feeling like your world is falling down around your ears is not a fun thing to feel. I hope whatever you’re experiencing lets up soon and that the good beings to outweigh the bad!

Thank you for the kinds words! I think what gets me the most is … like see I guess I should add some detail lol … I started a new job making almost 20$/hr and where I live that good money and I just got a suv for my family for free my job is not hard or bad at all I mean I’m here now jus sitting here typing this out… so I finally feel like we are on our way to having the life I have always wanted for my family… but I keep feeling like this is all goin to goin away for any small thing it’s like living in fear

Hey! Congratulations on the new job.
Sometimes feeling like that is normal, because things seem so good. Living in fear that something bad may happen isn’t though. Has anyone or anything given an indication that something isn’t quite right?

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Hey im sure all the negative things will turn out ok. Just try to embrace all the positive stuff in your life.

Hey friend. First of all I want to start by saying thank you so much for reaching out and for being open about how you’ve been feeling! That’s a huge first step and I’m proud of you for taking it.

I totally understand where you’re coming from. This year has been nothing short of overwhelming, scary, and downright difficult for a lot of us - Remember that how you’re feeling right now is totally valid, and it’s okay to not feel okay! I too have been dealing with a very similar feeling lately; There are so many things in my life that I’m grateful for and that I’m happy about, but at the same time it seems like there’s so much negativity around me that if often overshadows the good, and it’s hard to shake that feeling.

Things that I’ve been doing for myself to help relieve the pressure of these feelings have been exercising and getting back on track to a healthy lifestyle and diet, listening to audiobooks about self-care and happiness, drawing, and cooking! I encourage you to explore what you enjoy and what helps you get your mind off things/allows you to reset yourself as well. Take as much time for yourself that you need to do the things that make you happy, and to care for your mental well-being. Much love <3

Hey. Thank you so much for sharing. Your bravery and honesty is so much appreciated by all of us here.

It has not been an easy time by anyone’s standards. But congratulations on the new job! That is something you should be so proud of and if no one has told you yet my friend, I am proud of you. Like you said, you are on your way to having the life you’ve always wanted for your family and that is extremely commendable. I am proud of you.

What’s worrying you? What is allowing you to feel like your world is falling down around you? I encourage you to jot those things down on a piece of paper or even better, journal your thoughts about the emotions that you’re experiencing along with them. It’s ok to live with fears, but what is causing you to live in fear? Set up a personal game plan and tackle those things one by one. The last thing I would want for you is for those fears to manifest in to a form of self-sabotage. Take care of yourself. Do things you enjoy or pick up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Make time for yourself. You deserve it. Much love my friend.

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