I just don't know

I really don’t know how to start this off or what to say. I think I am stil trying to proccess the news of grandfather. Mainly becasue I have been so busy doing other things, PLus I feel like my brain is going a millolin miles per hour. Anyway I only finaly proccessed the news of my grandfather. The situation hich involves him leaving up to another six months. ANd last night my dad told my uncle might live for a few days. Althiugh I barley knew this uncle. It still sadness me deeply. I kinda want to cry but nothing is happening. I mean I kinda of knew that neither of them are very well. And both of them aren’t in a good way either.
It doesn’t hep that my bestfriens. d isn’t trying to help but being really judgy towards me. It makes me feel like I can’t even tell her things like this. Becasue I mean is she just there for the good times.
Sorry for the long post with my personal crisis and jumbled up thouights.

Hey friend! Its okay, know your always welcome here to just kinda write your thoughts out.
I’m very sorry to hear about your grandfather and your uncle. I’ll be praying for them, you and your family.
Know that God is with you guys through this and so are we.
Praying for you friend.
Heres a song i thought i share


People grieve in their own way. Don’t let it bother you that you don’t shed tears. It could be you won’t right now (for any number of reasons) and will later on or you may never shed tears. This doesn’t make you any less human than shedding tears makes you anymore human.

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Omg goodness do many spelling errors so sorry

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Thankyou so much. I just feel so broken like I don’t what wrong with me I feel like I just going to burst out with tears but nothing happens. It just doesn’t feel like me. Honestly, I just don’t what to think of it. I feel so sad and heartbroken with all this news that it is literally tearing me apart.

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