I just lost my wife and i have this ball of hurtin

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I just lost my wife and I have this ball of hurting in my chest . And I feel like it’s not going away and she will not talk to me we’ve been together for 14 years she’s my solution but I need a different one any advice or comments to help me through this… BTW slipknot is my favorite band in the world

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I’m not a therapist or anything but I just wanted to say sorry ur going through that, it must be hard AF


I’m incredibly sorry that you have to go through that. I know it’s a hard situation to go through, but sometimes time is the best teller. If there’s something going on with her and she needs time to work it out, maybe she’ll come back once she’s got a clearer mind. This definitely could be a situation where a therapist could be helpful, especially ones that deals with marriage issues.

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Hi Friend, I am so sorry that you and your wife have separated, I personally have not been in a relationship for such a long period of time so I cannot imagine how difficult the transition has been on different levels. I tend to think you must feel pretty lost right now?
I know you say she wont talk to you, do you think time would make that better? Some people need time to gather themselves, work out where they are and what their next move is and allow the hurt to lessen, it might be just a bit too hard to converse with you right now.
I have found a link you may find interesting. I wish you luck friend. x

Oh friend, I’m so very sorry that you’ve been through such a painful breakup. You’ve been together for a very significant time of your lives and created without a doubt a lot of fond memories together… it’s so brutal to face the end of such an important part of your heart, of YOU, and the silence of your wife at the same time. It must feel like losing a home, a place to belong to. It is beyond understandable to have a hard time dealing with this new reality and figuring out what would be your next steps. I don’t know if all of this happened recently or not, but can imagine how much the shock it creates feels deep and ingrained within.

I’d surely like to encourage you to keep reaching out as you need, and talk it all out - whether it’s purely venting or needing some outside perspective over what happened, eventually. Part of processing what happened may come through sharing it first - here, or with trusted friends/loved ones, or even with a professional if you’d be open to consider this option/if that is accessible for you. You deserve to have allies standing by your side while you navigate through this loss and learn to explore the way it makes you feel, at your own pace. If anything, you are not alone and are more than welcome to share more about it here. There is a community at Heartsupport willing to stand by your side and support you through this painful time. You are not alone. :heart:

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