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I just textd my crush.. And now im dying

Because waiting for them to text back is Killing Me.

Rejection is too tough for me.

@EyelessDoll ,
Back in 2018 after a break up i had i decided to slid into a guys dms with my number because i did have a crush on him and i was anxious ( i know the feeling) and he also gave me his number. from there on we started texting , hanging out . but sadily it came to an end after i got cheated on. Well the cheating part is not the point . My point of this post is be patient , they may not see the message right away .
Rejection can be hard but at the end of the day if they do reject you , you can always find someone else when you are finally able to move on .
Don’t stress yourself out friend.
Hold Fast You’re worth it

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Hey @EyelessDoll,

Whatever happens, we’re here for you. :heart:

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Thank you @all_around_ashley
Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back yet. So I’ve been pretty bummed about that. But still trying to remain positive. Rejection is truly one of my biggest fears in life… And because of that, I rarely put myself in the position for rejection.
So when I do try to reach out, and face rejection… It’s just crippling.

Thanks for the support!
…It didn’t go very well. Haven’t heard back. So I’m feeling pretty embarrassed about that