I just want to feel loved

I just want to feel good. My mom wants me to kill myself, I keep crying over stupid shxt, and my sister is a fucking douche. I can’t even cut myself. When I first started typing this I could barely even see. My mom apparently has to make sure everyone know what she’s been through and acts like I know squat. I already know that nobody’s going to come save me and everything will be okay, so what’s the point of wishing someone would? I know there are REAL problems and I’m just a whiny kid, but I can’t help but cry. I know there are children starving in Sudan, girls being sold to ISIS, and I’m over here crying about fucking sushi. Not all the time, but I don’t have anything to live for and I was excited because I thought I was going to be able to eat something I actually want to eat, because my sister will only eat fucking cheese burgers am chicken nuggets, but no, my sister fucks it up and hogs the phone so I can t text mom. I know, I sound like a b*tch, but again, I was like, well, can’t slit my wrists until I get my sushi and eat it. I don’t even feel like a good human being anymore. I just want to die.


Hi Scarlette_Elle,

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Hold Fast friend!

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Thank you so much!!!

Poverty, hunger, disease, are real problems, but you’re equating GLOBAL problems with your struggles. It’s best not to think in such terms. Your needs are as important as the needs of all other human beings. We are ALL equally important. All equally needed in the world to make it a better place.
You, as much as any other person on the planet, deserves to be valued and loved. Full Stop.
You do have someone to live for, you. Live to be the person you were meant to be, and survive. This is a time of struggle for you, but you can make it through the darkness. People care for you, we’re right here. Keep posting. :heart:

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