I just want to give up - Anxiety

SO today wasnt my best and it wasnt my worst. But im sitting here after i just lost it at my night class for American sign Language. I felt so far behind ive worked for about a week on what i needed to catch up on . I tried my best. Today i still felt behind and i just lost it . And someone who was in a previous class and asked if i was okay and i just lost it . I told her i just feel stressed that i feel so far behind . Her response was that the professor (from last semester) was good and that she did her job and that she said some stuff the professor does i dont understand and that im right there with you .
But is she really.I have auditory processing disorder and in regular college classes . Yet being taught by a death teacher was a struggle and is a struggle with me . I just dont know what the hell to do . I dont want to give up but i dont want to sit here and struggle with my disorders/disabilites and my own mental health. Giving up is not an option for me . Im really stuck i dont know what the heck to do.


You are incredibly strong and will overcome this! Hang in there!

thx and ill try my best

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