I keep messing up

I cant seem to do anything right anymore,i keep fucking everything up and i dont feel important to anyone. i dont know what to do. im lost,i want to give up,i wanted to be something but im realizing ill be nothing. im tired of being and feeling this way

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@yxngxgxnner I’m sorry friend. You are important here in this community. You will get to do everything you want but for now you are taking time out to work on your mental health and that’s ok. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Take it one day at a time. Focus on what you CAN do. You can get through this. You’re not hopeless. Keep reaching out friend.

Hold fast


You are so important to everyone.


@yxngxgxnner Hello first off thank you for posting this. I am sorry you are struggling with this. I know it seems impossible to feel like you are important in this moment but let me tell you this YOU do matter. You have a lot of value. One of the things that I have struggle with is not listening to the lies my head tells me and it is so hard. We struggle with that a lot in our world because so much around us tells us one thing and than we cant meet it. But let me say that you are not a screw up. Not sure what you are messing up but puzzle pieces dont fall in line we have to figure where they go. Perhaps take some time to write out what you feel you are failing at and than go from there show how you are if you would like message me I will be here. I can listen and hear what you feel like you are failing at. You are not nothing you will be something.

Hold fast

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Hey friend,

I want you to know that you are not alone in these feelings- a lot of people here can relate.

I know how hard it is when we feel like we just keep messing everything up- we feel like we failed and the thought we have is “well if I keep messing up- then why even continue to try anymore?” I have been in that same mindset in certain times of my life- whether it be something like a class in school, or a hobby I want to succeed in, or something I just want to pursue in life.

Friend you ARE something; even when you feel like you don’t mean anything to anyone- man that is simply NOT true. We love you, and we care about you- and do you want to know why? Because you have breath in your lungs. That is why.

I know how it feels to be lost, tired, and just want to give up- but I’m gonna tell youright now, you CAN’T give up. Don’t let all this work go to waste- don’t let this feeling control your life.

My dear friend I know how hard it is to knock these feelings out of our minds- but it is possible.

There is hope, and there is help. We love you, and we are here for you NO MATTER WHAT.

Hold fast my friend.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

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Hey @yxngxgxnner,

I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re battling with. You are so important to us, so please keep us updated with your situation because (as cliche as it sounds) it will get better. It just might take some time, but we need you to hold on and push through - you’re strong and we believe in you!

Also, please remember that no one is perfect. Everyone messes up. Yes, everyone. However, just because you failed DOESN’T make you a failure. In fact, it makes you so, so much wiser. Take each day one step at a time and you’ll notice the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer and closer. Your life is valuable, and that’s a fact.


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update yall: I feel a little bit better,i decide to start researching my future and came up with a plan to go to college so i can be something. things are still rough but i thank you all for the nice comments,they really helped,you guys are wonderful

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Proud of you friend. Congratulations on the positive steps forward. Hold fast. You can do this. We love you.

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Life is rough, it always will be, but you have to roll with the punches and realize that you’re stronger than anything that life throws at you. You fall seven times, and stand up eight. College can be a really great decision. I turned 27 this year. Next year will be my 10 year reunion for high school and to say that it’s been the easiest 10 years of my life, would be a huge lie. I was absolutely awful in high school. I graduated by half a credit and the only reason I did, was because my girlfriend at the time did most of my homework and I attended a crappy online Summer school course for like a week and got that half a credit I needed. I was bottom three in my graduating class. I didn’t have a job because I didn’t have work experience and nobody wanted to hire someone with no experience. I actually didn’t have a job until I was 24. I basically gave up finding a job, and decided to enlist in the military. I went through two months of communication with a recruiter and then went for testing. I tested good enough for the position I wanted, but I failed the physical exam because I was underweight, so they wanted me to bulk up before I went back. I felt like a failure even more. I couldn’t afford college with no job. About a week after my failed military testing trip, I started looking into options for my future and realized that I could get a grant and loans for school if I had to. I got everything set up, started college in the Fall of 2013 and attended college year round for a year, before I FINALLY landed a job at FedEx. From working at FedEx, I got a job at Kohl’s a month later, and worked my butt off working all morning at FedEx, and then either afternoon or night at Kohl’s. I quit FedEx after six months, and was promoted at Kohl’s to be a Department Supervisor. I finished college, and got an internship at a local bank doing online and print marketing for the different branches, and local publications. After a two years of working at Kohl’s, I finally quit when I was offered a full time position at the bank as a Marketing Specialist and they also gave me an IT support role too, so I run all the phishing campaigns, phone system set-up, and various other tasks as well as my primary design role.

Now that you have an unnecessary amount of background information about me, my point of all of that isn’t to make your post about me. It’s for you, or anyone else who feels that they won’t amount to anything, that they’re so down and out that they’ll never get anywhere, to feel some hope. I was miserable, depressed, lost and didn’t feel like I would ever get anywhere in life. I felt like I would never get a job, never have friends, never move out of my parents house, or have an enjoyable life. I still struggle. There are days that I wake up and I literally don’t want to get out of bed, and that I feel like I just want to give up my day and sleep. There’s always hope. It might not come today, or tomorrow, but if you keep searching for what you want, eventually it’ll come to you. Everyone has a different path they take to get to where they’ll end up, but there is always a way that leads there. You are absolutely important to people, especially to those here on HS. None of us want to see you give up, and we will be there for you and motivate you as much as necessary for you to get a little drive behind you and achieve the goals that you want to achieve. I want to also say I’m proud of you for looking up options for college, that’s the first step towards your future. It might be what you want, it might not, but researching is definitely the most helpful way to decide for yourself. My inbox is always open and you can always contact me, as I’m sure others invite you to do the same with them.

Keep your head up!

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