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I kinda want to hang myself im so depressed

I dont want to live anymore but yet I still choose to nothing gets better at all I’m still stuck living in a tent so I could get away from the the town with old friends and drugs. I want a good ive turned away from people so I could try to do that but I find myself alone… i want to be loved and cared for yeah it sounds abnormal for a guy to say such things. I kinda hate myself so much im not like a lot of guys because I care about people but im not part of the hook up culture. Sorry for the small vent but its gonna happen again. I want to take my life because I feel like no one cares im not good enough ive gone through so much and I’m surprised I still chose to continue to live this life theres nothing here. Its just meaningless im at the point where I want to choose a love that isn’t really love through tinder… and be used i kinda want to fall in love maybe thats my expectation on why I still want to live. Not to see if its any worse or better but I genuinely want to find someone. But I keep getting off topic again. Yeah hang in there she will come yayada ive heard this a thousand times but no im gonna keep just walking and living. I want to hang myself because of just tired of being alone I can’t take it and something is wrong

Hey GoldenNuggs42,

I took some time to read and reply to your topic on my stream and wanted to post the video here:

I mentioned an exercise in the video, and here’s one I really enjoy:

Check that out and work through the Qs – I believe it will be useful / worth your time :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, friend.



Hi Golden,

Thank you for sharing this. I can feel the weight of what you’ve said.
You sharing this is a form of self-love…keep going in this direction that led you to share this.

You are not abnormal for wanting to be loved and cared for. I know a lot of men were taught to believe this. I’m really sorry…
I hope you can continue to slowly open up yourself to attract even more of what and who you need.

I know how hard it is to step out of the dark space…Take your time… Be gentle with yourself.Take a small step each day. Find the small things in life that make you smile… Very subtle things. See yourself where you are now honestly…and continue to envision what you’re growing toward. You will attract what you truly need. And I have full faith that you will look back and see how much you’ve grown from this. You can do this friend… We are here.

<3 Emily

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