I know exactly what its like to feel this way i ha

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I know exactly what it’s like to feel this way. I had severe depression for over 8 years, got different diagnoses, and took over 20 different medications in 8 years. I literally became a “thing”, people judged me and turned away. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m celebrating my overcoming after two attempts to end my life at that time.

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Congratulations on making it this far. It sounds like you are on the other side of something truly horrible. There must have been so many times when it seemed like hope was out of reach and that no one could possibly understand what you were going through. I can’t imagine how lonely that must have felt. I’m so impressed by your ability to suffer through it and overcome! It sounds like you’re in a better place and it had to have taken an immense amount of patience and fortitude to survive the very difficult process of understanding the causes of your pain and how to manage it. You’re honestly an inspiration! I know its a little late, but Happy Birthday!

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Hey there, thank you so much for sharing. You have gone through so much, and your openness speaks volumes to me and I’m sure many others. It is so hard to suffer and then be judged for it. All we want is to feel better, and somehow people ridicule our attempts to just be happy for once. Not only do you feel weighed down by a mental darkness, but then others start to pull you down with abandonment and judgment.

Your celebration of life is proof that you deserve to survive, no matter what your feelings or other people tell you. I firmly believe that you are here for a reason, even when it doesn’t seem clear. When I have struggled with depression, I felt like I just kept waiting, day after day, to finally wake up and feel better. Not perfect, just better. And every day I was let down again and again. But something that encouraged me to continue fighting was clinging onto the idea that I DID in fact have a brighter future ahead, even if I couldn’t see it then. When it felt hopeless, I told myself that I deserved to be here, that I was worthy of joy and hope. Sometimes it felt stupid and ineffective, but I kept clinging to hope every single day. It was really, really hard. But eventually that brighter future began to be my reality, and all those desperate cries for help and desperate prayers were worth it.

The fact that you are still here proves that this deep depression does not have power over the beautiful person you were made to be. When it feels impossible and that cloud of darkness returns, holdfast to that hope that feels elusive. You are loved more than you could ever fully know, and you were made for a purpose. You were made to live. I’m so proud of you, friend, for being here right now. Wherever this finds you, you are not alone.

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I am so proud of you that you have been able to persevere through such darkness and fight for yourself. As someone who has struggled with severe depression their whole life, it is not an easy fight. I know the feeling that your depression feels like it can consume you and becomes your identity. Suddenly, you don’t even feel like a person anymore and you are your symptoms.

As dark as this evil may be, you are not just a “thing”, no matter how your mind or others have made you feel. You are an overcomer and a fighter. You have strength and courage more than many people could ever fathom. I am grateful that you are alive today and I am grateful that you were able to celebrate your birthday and such monumental accomplishments.

People may turn you away, but those who care for you and love you will stay by your side. Even if you have to be alone for a little while, you will always have yourself and you will always have God’s love and grace.

I am thankful that you are here today and you are not facing these struggles alone. If you ever need someone to talk to, HeartSupport will always welcome you with open arms. Stay strong my friend, you are so loved <3

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@heartsupportwall9 thank you so much :heart:

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