I lost my job i got targetted

I lost my job yesterday and well i am more than likely going to face homelessness i wont get papers until probably the 6th of June and my date is the 2nd. Theres that grace period.

I lost my job and i have been getting targetted at work having to face issues with a different shift supervisor singling me out. Having to be in the office with him teling me if i talk to HR or the manager ill lose my job. A few weeks later its a coincidence that i lost my job.

Im going through a difficult time right now i just got my life toegther and im officially broke. I have no car to get to places and everywhere else is highering i need a car to get to. I have been trying to find someone to teach me how to drive for the past 3 months but thats impossible. Theres no programs theres nothing. But. The only time im giving up is if theres no food to eat.

I have no idea what the next step is to do.


If it was I, I would reach out to anyone in my life who loves me. Also, if you are having trouble accessing food, you should see if there is a local food bank that could help you, that is how I get food.


Im on my own i dont have a way to do those things. But ill look around

hey friend,

the world is hitting you with so many obstacles - thank you for writing this update so we can support you and send any resources possible. i’ll start by saying that google is going to be your best friend over the coming weeks. there are charitable programs even in the smallest cities to support people facing hard times similar to yours. google “(your city) food bank,” “(your city) shelter,” “(your city) unemployment support,” etc… also, public transit is a life-saver especially in cases like these. in the chance you live in america, this can also be a good starting off point for resources i desperately hope you use to the fullest extent: Homelessness Resources and Programs | HHS.gov

you aren’t alone in this. you will make it through with the support of charities, government agencies, and even churches around you who have programs to aid those in need. take a deep breathe and identify the next steps you have to take in order to meet your basic needs. your survival is priority right now. you are loved, you are believed in, and you are so valued. i’m heartbroken that you have to endure all of these obstacles but i know you can make it through this and rise above.



Hi GoldenNuggs
Hey friend, I am so so sorry that you have found yourself in this situation this is not fair at all, what happened with that supervisor is wrong and Its a shame they cannot be held accountable for it. Right now though its about focusing on you. Friend, please try to find something from the resource list that @twixremix has shared with you its imperative that even though you are probably feeling overwhelmed and exhasted by it all, you must try and find a way to get some assistance and with each place you get to hopefully you will hear of another place. I would love to think that where you live the government will support you but I dont know if that is the case. Please use the resourses and at least get some food into yourself. You are loved and you matter greatly. Lisa x


Hi GoldenNuggs42,

What you’ve gone through is truly terrible and I am so sorry. No one should ever be put in a situation where they’re being threatened like that. Is there any way you can raise what happened with HR now that you’ve lost your job? I realise it may be too late, but your supervisor shouldn’t get away with what they put you through.

You must be very overwhelmed at the moment, so decision-making will be hard. Some people I’ve known in a similar situation have tried going to their local church for advice. They quite often offer warm food as well for people who are homeless. I wonder if they might be able to put you contact with the right people; they usually have good contacts within the community.

I know it’s not much, but I really am sorry this has happened to you. Please let us know how you are when you can. x


Hi there @GoldenNuggs42,

Thank you for sharing with us and for reaching out here. This sounds like an incredibly tough situation and I cannot imagine all the stress that this may cause.

I’d try taking things one step at a time: Try finding employment within walking distance, or perhaps public transit. You could also start online applications instead of visiting the business in person if transportation is an issue?

If you’re in the US, a page like this may help you to both find jobs and file for unemployment (if eligible): https://www.careeronestop.org/LocalHelp/local-help.aspx

This is so hard, and I’m wishing you all the best as you navigate this difficult time. I have faith in you.

<3 Tuna