I’m 6 months sober but I’m drowning in resentment

Looking back on 2018 it was such a rough year of heart break and uncertainty the morning of July 26 2018 I looked in the mirror after a night of heavy drinking and a break up I said to myself I don’t want This anymore I’m enough of a train wreck without booze I cut all ties with my abusive father I reconnected with my sister with whom I was estranged with she’s the only thing I have I am trying to heal old wounds with my mothers side of the family who I stayed with after my mothers death bit they did not try to understand what I was going through at all only what they could gain my cousins always gave me a hard time my whole life after my moms passing it did not stop my cousin referred to me as the family pet I am the black sheep they never had any respect for themselves or anyone else and I did and I wear my heart on my sleeve and because I do so they say I’m weak and all this still has an effect on me to this day my resintment effects my relationships moving forward it’s just hard

Family can be a burden, and you don’t need them. I would recommend trying to find friends, good people you can trust, although I know that can be really difficult. If your mom’s family is still against you, at least you know you tried. That makes you better than them. Just because they’re her family doesn’t mean you have to suffer through them. It’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by hateful, unforgiving people. They don’t get you, and that’s their loss. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re tired, but that means you’ve been fighting all this time and I’m proud of you for that. Don’t let anyone ever tell you who you are.

Resurrect the Sun - Black Veil Brides

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Thank you I appreciate it