I’m freaking out

Hi I’m Ally. I have been dealing with my social anxiety for years. I was doing pretty well but now I feel like it’s taking over again and I’m freaking out. I start summer school tomorrow and I really don’t think I can do it. I feel stupid for even having to go and there’s going to be so many people it’s overwhelming me so much. I could really use some advice on how to handle this.



Hi. Nice to meet you. Good for you for starting Summer school. I took Summer school when I was in high school and college. Those were good memories. Hehe. Back to you. It’s natural to feel anxious about it. You’re not stupid. What I can say is that go through it, and see how it goes. You’ll be fine. You will never know if you are going to make new friends, and have fun. Thank you for reading this. Enjoy your first day tomorrow. God bless you. :pray:t5:


I don’t know much about social anxiety but anxiety has been eating away at me forever people can be scary mean and I know how hard it is to be social coming from no friends and being bullied but ur a shining star a beautiful butterfly who is fearless in this work it may be hard but remember ur worth so much and unare just as good as anyone else around you no one is better or worse and fin they say something they can stick it where the sun don’t shine cause honey ur important in this world Andy have a purpipose am day hey maybe showing strength and fearlessness is the purpose Andy takes ur time with it all it’s not gonna happen overnight but make it a goal to be better each a d everyday and I promise u will improve


Hi ally. Thank you for reaching out. Try and remember that people are there for the same reason as you and probably feel the exact same way. When you get there, find the person you’re initially drawn too - likelyhood is you’re drawn to them because they are similar to you and you can help eachother through this scary time.

Hold fast


hey @Ally,

I pulled some of these useful articles, talking about dealing with (and overcoming) social anxiety. I hope it helps!



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