I’m not a good friend, I’m fake person

I have a friends that truly see me as a brother. They are thier for me when a family member pass. He love hanging with me and he always supports my solo project that I been doing.

However, he get on my nerves to point where I have violent though of beating the shit out of him. There been time that he use me in a way. Where I use to always driving him around. Also kinda muches on me for stuff.

This sound very insensitive, but I get wired when he said “I Love You”. It sometime come out of nowhere and I know he mean well. I get wired out.

He always want to come to my cottage, to use my vacation time. He ruined my vacation time and snap at him everytime we go up thier.

I don’t want to be friend with anymore. Im only his friend cuase I got no one else to hang out with. Im such a shitty person.


From: Ash (Discord)

I am sorry you are dealing with this. To me it sounds like there might be a lack of communication going on. It feels like you are feeling as if they are trying to take advantage of you? But do you know if they know this have you openly in I feel type statements shared how you feel. It is rough when you want to be supportive to them but also dont have others so you feel trapped in the long run. Maybe being open with them about some of how them asking and needing things is hurting your side of the friendship would be a good idea. I know that isnt easy but it would really help. I say use I feel statements as than it doesnt come off as if you are trying to blame them. It will allow you to explain and share but also be open to them and yourself. Hold fast you are not alone.

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From: Night/in/gale (Discord)

Hey friend! Nice to have you with us, sorry you’ve been going through this hard time. It’s always painful when a friend no longer feels like a friend for any reason, but especially when it feel they are wronging you in some way. I would strongly encourage you to talk with them about it. Tell them how you feel, truthfully. He may not be aware of how uncomfortable and angry his actions make you, and when you snap at him he probably wants to know what he’s done wrong. Even if it’s a painful conversation to have, it’s the best way to resolve things. Even if it end up being you cutting him off from your life, at least tell him, don’t just turn him away. I hope you find a way to resolve this peacefully! Good luck, you’re appreciated :slight_smile:

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