I‘m not feeling noticed, or heard

I have a lot of issues with being vocal about how I feel with the people I’m around. There have been many points within the recent months where I try to reach out, show that I am really in need of some support, but it almost feels as if I am forgotten about. I wish things were different. I wish I wouldn’t want to resort to being cooped up in my room because people didn’t hear my desperate cries within humor or simple interactions, which are the only ways I can convey my message without being my socially awkward self. I really wish I could be noticed, cared for, even with those who say they do.

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Thank you for sharing!

Sounds like I’m sailing in the same boat as you. Isolation and trouble conveying a message. That’s why this community exist! We all go through our personal obstacles and need the strength to hurdle over them. You are heard here. You are noticed here. You are loved here.

Hey friend!
I get this. It can be so hard to express what we need, even to the people who care about us. And sometimes our cries for help can’t be heard because we’re not saying it in a way that people can understand. I know it’s hard, but speaking up for yourself and your own needs is so important. It can feel weird and awkward when you’re just starting out with it. But you deserve to be heard and have your needs met. And I’m sure your friends want to support you and help you, but they just might not understand that you need them. Maybe try starting with one person you trust. Say what you feel even if it’s awkward. The more you speak up, the easier it becomes. You’re worth it. Isolation is the enemy of healing. Don’t let that be where you stay. You deserve to be heard, seen, listened to, and helped. You’re loved and heard here, always. Keep trying to reach out and seek support!

A conversation is hard at first. You get use to it with practice. A helpful thing is to people watch. Observe their interaction with each other. Reading books help as well. The stopping power is behind the anxiety that is built up before you open your mouth. So you fear and that fear makes you be pc or vague with what you convey when you speak. Perhaps you aren’t clarifying what you desire. You say simple, but not upfront. Humor is fine, but it puts a cloud over when you’re actually serious. I undrestand why people use it, but when you’re being serious trying to get others to help you,. It becomes a pain since they’re unsure if you’re being serious or not. I’m not saying to be aggressive or do something that is reckless. Yet it is obvious that you need to explain clearly what you desire from these people.