I’m really tired

I’m tired keeping all the hurts inside. I’m tired to keep holding my tears. I’m tired to smile but crying inside. I’m tired crying all alone in the dark every single night. I’m too tired to keep living. I’m tired to face the constant pain chest. I’m at the edge of breaking down. I don’t want to live anymore. Please… I’m tired… too tired…


I am sorry for what you are going through i know how hard it can be to hold in everything and not feel like you can share it. But it will get better and you are strong and you are doing good so far i know most of the people on here are gonna tell you, you matter and belong here but the truth is YOU DO. It’s not just a saying it real life your a person with feelings and emotions you will go through hard times sometimes harder than other times but it will get easier and i am here to help you if you have anything else to say. There are people that care about you and what your going throu. I know it’s hard to wake up eveyday and feel like you got worse or feel like you will never get better and there will be no one to help you but there is people out there to help you. INCLUDING MEEE. can i ask if you have ever went to therapy or what you do to make yourself feel better

Hey friend,

I see you. You don’t have to smile if your heart doesn’t feel like it. Crying is needed sometimes, to let all the pain and energy out, to have some relief. It’s okay to cry when feel like you’re at the edge of breaking down. Just let it out. Write to us here, vent as much as you need. But stay safe, please. You don’t deserve any harm. You’ve been carrying a burden that is heavy enough. Now it’s time to open some doors for healing, for the love and compassion you deserve.

I’ve been feeling a similar pain for a long time now. And everytime it’s crippling me, I wonder why I can’t seem to move on, why I’m still back at what seems to be the same square one again and again. But everytime we go through another day, it’s a victory. It makes us stronger. Even if we don’t realize it at the moment. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

One day after another, friend.
You’re not alone.

Thinking of you. :hrtlegolove:

Never once went to therapy, I hurt myself. Other thing that can be more painful than my heartache, more painful than my chest pain. But nowadays, seems like everything I did can’t beat the pain in my heart…

Has talking ever helped you? i know for some people it doesnt help like with me for example but i’ve done self harm so many times and it doesn’t help anymore and i wouldn’t want you hurting your self either i know this is a personal question so you dont have to answer but can i ask how your struggles even started or whe

I never talk about this with anybody. The only thing I talk to is myself. I grew up watching my parents fight every single day. Then the older I get I feel like I’m the reason. Whenever ever I’m around there surely an argument, fight and something bad happen. I also got yelled and compared to others a lot. Days by days, I feel more useless, more worthless. When I’m 13, I when to boarding school. 5 years there, things got worse, got bullied, insults by opposite gender. My little self esteem left crumbled. I start taking random pills, most of the time paracetamol and cough meds to help me feel relieved. One year in college, I calm a bit but as soon as college end everything got worse till now.

Well you are always welcome to talk to me if it helps. And i am so sorry you had to grow up in that typa atmosphere no one should have too. Im always here if you want to keep talking you a strong person and i know you will get better :sneezing_face::purple_heart:

I wish I could get better before I decided to end it… Honestly, I have no desire to keep living anymore…

But you can not leave there are definitely people who care about you and will be destroyed if you leave

No, it’s the only thing I can do to make them happy, leave them. They don’t need a burden to live with. They don’t need to face a disappointment everyday…

Hey hope you’re feeling better!
I know times can be hard I know how you feel but hang on and push through I know you got it in you!