I’m scared, not sure why

Not sure why I feel the way I feel…
I’m scared but I don’t know why. I jump at the sounds around the house and lately have been feeling like i am being followed or as if something is waiting just round the corner. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m making the step to file sole custody of my son or because I’m scared of what my sons fathers family might do because of this… I’m scared of him and them even though I know that can’t hurt me. I’m scared for my son… he’s going to be 1 and I have done this all on my own. I’m proud of it but it also makes me sad. I feel a mix of scared sad and overwhelmed. I am proud to have protected my son when he needed me the most but now I feel alone and I feel like I am going to mess up. It’s in the recent days that are filling up to my son being 1…

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Hey friend,
I come from a single parent family and let me tell you my mum is the best person ever!! You should be so so proud!! I knows it’s really tough raising a kid by yourself but you are doing an absolutely amazing.

You sound like your paranoid. I’m sure this will pass after you have filed for custody. It may be that you are already anxious about trying to get custody but now you’re also anxious about your sons father and his family. It’s just a build up of feelings. If possible I’d try to take some time out for just you and take a moment to calm down and de-stress even if it’s just an hour. I wish you the best of luck and I hope everything goes really well!!

Hold fast,
Luna :heart: