I’m scared of losing what brings me joy

I’ve been playing some games recently, since they distract me and actually bring me joy. But I also got into a lot of fights with my mom over that. I can’t help it, but I always get really defensive when it comes to the things I like and that make me happy, because I’m scared of them getting taken away from me. And I know it’s partially my fault, we fight to begin with. I can admit that. But when I tried explaining it to my mom, she started arguing that they “aren’t taking away my things” and not much later she threatened to take my games from me.

It’s such a stupid thing to cry over but these games are currently what keeps me going and alive.


I actually understand how you feel. I an formulate a plan to keep your games from being completely stolen, but first a question: are they video games or phisical games?

It is almost the same exact with me!

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My games is what keeps me going and alive too.

They are video games for me :]

Same, what games do you play? Just wondering

I totally understand that. My mom is very controlling when it comes to that sort of thing. She limits me a lot, and waits for the opportunity to take them from me, to the point where I wonder why she even lets me play them. I really hope your parents learn to just let you be happy, and you should keep doing it if you’re happy. If they’re decent parents, they’ll recognize that it makes you happy and you should be allowed to. I wish you the best of luck with everything :heart:


At the moment I play Genshin Impact a lot :]


Are they on a computer/tablet/phone, or are they on a larger thing like xbox/nintendo/playstation?

I also love Genshin Impact :slight_smile:

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On my computer/iPad. Unfortunately I am limited and need a cable for my pc to have wifi, so the threat often is that they take it away and I won’t really be able to do anything without internet connection

It’s a great game, isn’t it? I love everything about it hahaha


well you could hide your Ipad and get up during the night to play on it, that’s actually what I do.

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pls help me in 12 and ive been in a suicidal state for this whole month yesterday my parents broke my xbox and i dont feel like living anymore

@elwinansilla Why did your parents break your xbox? :pensive:

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