I’m stressing about moving out

In mouth from now, I will be finally moving out of my parents house. It be my first time, but stressing that it won’t work out. Like I sign the lease and double check with y landlord to see if everything is good. However, it feel like I want to snap and just expose. Because I’m mad nervous about it not working out.

If this does not work out, I will start self harming, exposing on social media or take my anger out on my parents. I hate living with my parents, I can’t stand them anymore. It felt never got to grow or be my own person.

This country does not care about people with disabilities, the school system or just stuff in general never prepared me for life. I know I suck at doing my job, but at least I try to do my best, but never good enough for anything.


Congratulations on your move towards independence. Stressing out is understandable. It’s a positive move, even if it doesn’t work out. If you end up back where you started, you’ll have the experience of knowing what went wrong, so you can be more prepared to cope the next time you move out.

Talk to your therapist. I imagine you already plan on doing that.

This country is confused and functionally mindless. Yet there are individuals who do care. I hope you meet one or two.

That’s true, even after a college degree. It’s up to the individual to figure out how to make use of all that academic stuff. A lot of it never gets used. It does help a person figure out how to learn stuff they need to know once they’re out of school. In other words, learning how to learn.

You must be doing something right, or you wouldn’t still be there. That you’re still there is evidence that you are good enough, even if someone there tries to tell you otherwise.

Make a list of things you need in the apartment, along with whatever you have to do with utilities and internet access. Don’t pay for cable. You can get pretty much anything you want from streaming, and anything that’s streamed is available on your PC.

Thanks for the update. I hope to see you again soon.


It is nerve racking making big changes! But wow isn’t this a great opportunity!
I hope you take all the worries and let your therapist know so you both have an idea of how you want to handle it should those issues arise.
Take it one day at a time.


Hi Friend,
I think it’s great that you’ll finally be able to have some independence when you move out. Of course it’s always scary to move and it’s always a time that’s filled with nervous energy. I can really relate to that. I know that you have a lot of worries about something potentially going wrong. I hope that you can try to focus your thoughts on the positive side of this situation. I’m excited for you and proud of you for taking this step forward. I hope that you will keep us updated. I’m wishing you all the best!


Hi Metalskater,
thank you for sharing.
no one prepares you for life, no one is teaching you living on your own. moving out is a big thing, but i am proud
of you, for taking that step. you will grow from that.
if it does not work out ? what makes you feel that way ?
when something happens, you will learn from that. many of us made their own experience with it, me also.
living on my own, for over six years now was also scary for me first, but you will get used to. you have your own
space, you build your own home. feel comfortable.
with your job, like @Wings said perfectly, you must be doing something pretty good when you are keeping your
job. so stick with that, sounds good to me.
you try and that is great to witness. you will do great i am sure. you are loved my friend, and you matter most :purple_heart:


Hi @Metalskater1990

I would love to start by saying congratulations on finding your first home, I think thats awesome. I understand it can feel overwhelming and even a little frightening to begin with but honestly there is very little that can go wrong if you ask questions when you need to and take advice when its given. Its all a learning process and one I think you will completely enjoy once you settle in. My first home was a room with a kitchen in one corner and a bed in the other and it was very strange at first but if you buy a couple of things that you want to make it YOURS make it feel like it belongs to you and before you know it you will be settled and wonder why you didnt do it years ago. I am so looking forward to hearing all about it.
Best of luck
Lisa. x

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Metalskater, things are really changing for you and hopefully for the better. Independence and not in your parents home. But that said, it’s a big deal and can be quite anxiety provoking. That’s so normal to be nervous about making such a big move. Worrying about what could happen, what will happen and what might not happen is all a part of big change. But - unless you make this move and try you won’t know that you are able to do this. You’ll always only wonder if you can. So what if you make a list of the things you are worrying about going wrong and then try to come up with things you can do to prevent or take care of those issues. Is that something that might help with the what if’s? Would that possibly make you feel more prepared for moving? Then what if you focus on writing out a list of all the positives to moving to help motivate yourself? These are the things I do when I’m confronted with a new situation that I’m really unsure about but looking forward to. Keep us posted and I wish you well.

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Moving is terrifying! Moving out of your parents’ house and living on your own is even more so. The fear you are feeling is something everyone feels. Not to diminish it, it’s still scary; but everyone is afraid of screwing it up, and most people don’t. If you have any questions, I know your parents, coworkers, and friends are just a phone call away, and of course you can always come here.

No one teaches us how to have our own place. It’s something we have to learn, but we don’t have to do it alone. Lots of people have learned lots of lessons about it the hard way, and they will be more than happy to share those with you! I’ve been on my own for 8 years, and there’s still stuff I don’t understand. There’s also stuff I’ve learned that my parents didn’t know, so I can help them too. We’re all trying to figure out how to live in this world, and we all benefit when we help each other.

Congratulations on your new place! You leveled up! It may be tough, but I think getting better at something tough is better than staying stuck somewhere easy. You’ve got this :hrtlovefist:

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