I’m suicidal and I could use some help

The women in my life have died I.e my grand mother my mom and my aunt… I have nothing else to live for

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Sending you love as you are going through all.of this pain. Just know you are important. You are probably aware of the different suicide hotlines available. There are lots of different services you can find through a Google search. You are already strong for reaching out here. Many of us have dealt with suicidal thoughts. You are not alone.

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Hey friend!

First of all thank you for posting on here. I know its hard to come out and ask for help.

I lost my aunt about a year ago, my real dad and had passed away shortly after i was born and my mom was too busy to raise me.

She had sat me down and raised me and taught me everything I know and had learned, shortly before her passing she showed me some rules and experiences on how to life live if something were to ever happen.

When she passed away. I felt like my world had been destroyed. I wandered endlessly trying to cover up the pain.

One day I had a friend invite me to church as he felt I needed it. The pastor was preaching on precious life was. And how god had comfort us and be there for us in our darkest hour. It was at this moment I felt him hug me and say " I am with you, do not fear or tremble."

From that moment on i made a promise to live on the memory for my aunt and take care of my mother. That no matter how hard life hit. I would lean on God for comfort and understanding.

You got his bro. You can do it. Your strong. And your not alone in this fight, were all in this together.

I will also be praying for you and that god comfort you in this time of need.


hay your so brave for open up so thank you.you do have something to live for you are hear to help people who are going throw the same thing as you are going throw right now. I was suicidal 6 mouth ago and I was so close to end my life but I didn’t. I hid my issues for 3 years before I asked for help but I got throw it and you can too. there is always hope in the darkness we are here for you when you need to talk. I recommend get help and stared your recover like I stared mine 6 mouth ago please don’t do it your going to caused so much pain to other in your life. God has you hear for reason. It will get beater if you end it your give up and don’t give up. I wanted to give up but I keep on fighting the good fight and you can to you got this.I so sorry about your family, but you got to keep going for them, become they what you to become a sufficed adult they would love that for you think of the positive and not the naiveté out of this. Hold fast I believe in you can do it keep on fighting.


Acknowledging that you need help is already a sign of strength on in you! I believe that you matter and are strong enough to find purpose in the middle of everything that is going on. You wouldn’t reach out if you didn’t know deep down that good can come from the situation, and that you’re strong enough to fight through it-maybe you can find peace through that. Pretty soon you are going to find more people to love, so keep reminding yourself to live for them! Maybe start by focusing on being kind to other people in your life. I believe in you can, and have every right to make something good come out of this.