I may have PTSD

I feel like I may have PTSD from my abusive past because every time someone knocks on my door I jump and scream then i get touch in certain spot I freak the fuck out (I was physical and mentally abused) Though?

I have PTSD from (mostly emotional) abuse, and hyperactive startle response is definitely a part of that. I recommend going to a psych if you can, and in the meantime try and find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with your symptoms.

I can’t claim PTSD. I can claim being damaged goods and from what my therapist tells me that I’m in survival mode which is why I find it hard to trust people. I try to, but it is all for not.

I just expect people to betray me or stay away from me. Sometimes I even want them to. (It makes me feel hopeless. I want to be a social person and have close friends and eventually a lover. Yet I realize that because of my trust issues that this most likely will never happen. Sometimes I think why am I living?)