I may have to take further action

I just spoke with the religious leader of the community of the guy that was spreading rumors about me he was not only unhelpful but he was denying that he even knows the guy. I sent him pictures of the guy and he still was evasive I believe he’s lying or he’s protecting him because he didn’t know what to say and I told him I came to you because I wanted to bring it to your attention and to correct it and now he’s saying he’s never seen him before it was just disgusting that a religious leader would not want to do the right thing. I’m angry and disgusted I will find him and I will have him made accountable for his actions it doesn’t give him a right to ruin my reputation and thinks he can get away with it because he thinks he’s protected by the community and by the law.


I’ll ask a tough question here, because I think it’s useful to see things from a different perspective, especially when it comes to sensitive matters like taking legal actions against someone.
Why did you approach his religious leader and not the person directly?
Do you have proof of your accusation for the religious leader to believe you or be able to take action?
One could say that you going to his religious leader looks like an attempt to smear his reputation, because that religious leader has absolutely nothing to do with the situation between you two?

I hope there is resolution and that both of you can figure out a better way to express yourselves in the future. Wishing you well!


I went to the religious leader because one he keeps stabs on congregants and two I don’t have any direct way to contact the person directly I know where he lives but I’m not going to go to his physical address because he’s not going to answer the door he’s too much of a coward to face me when confronted and three yes I do have evidence that’s why I sent the religious leader proof and I sent him the picture of the person in question with the name and everything. I don’t have anything personal against the religious leader I don’t know hIm and he doesn’t know me but I brought it up to his attention so he could speak with him that’s the only reason why I contacted him if I had a way to contact the person in question directly I would have done it by now.


People do bad things and get away with it. It happens all the time. How is the law and the community protecting him? Religious leaders are advisors, not enforcers, and in a great many cases, it’s better that way.

How would you hold him accountable? Should he be allowed to dominate your present and future thoughts? How are those thoughts affecting your life?


That’s tough, @ranma1983. From this religious person perspective, I would assume that it could have been uncomfortable and surprising to be asked to get in touch with someone he would know for a conflict he might know nothing about. It would be understandable that he’d rather not say anything than letting you know where this person is/how to contact them in case things would spiral out of control, if that makes sense. Of course it’s not good to lie. I would rather assume that this was just a way to not get involved into something that doesn’t concern him directly, and also to be overly careful, as he might not how all of this affects you personally and how you would react, if that makes sense. Maybe he heard you and will actually talk to this person, but without involving you directly. That’s another possibility.


From: Dark Weeb 666 (Matt)

Hi. Sometimes we get dissapointed by people who should be just and respectful. I know spreading rumors about somebody can be very harmful, because the person cant defend themselves. It sucks especially if you dont know that it is happening. Have you tried to contact the person in any other way. Internet or somewhere else like the church? I hope the situation gets better for you. Remember that you are appretiated and we trust you here and people who truly love you will not believe that person. :wink:


From: Ash

I am extremely sorry that this is something you have to deal with no one deserves to be placed in a spot of having to try and figure out who someone is by this type of means. I also am sorry that someone you tried to figure out if they knew him is not helpful. I dont know if you had 100% proof this person knew of the guy spreading lies and such which is where I personally am curious. I also know that even than he might not know him just because some religious leaders dont get involved with the community to the point of knowing everyone by name or picture. I know some of the churches and such I have been too are big enough that people go un noticed. I am again sorry it seems like this person didnt know the guy spreading the lies. I do agree that the guy that is spreading the rumors and such should be held accountable and I am sorry you have to deal with that in general but you arent alone in knowing that people say things and do these types of things when they hurt most and likely they are jealous of something you have that they dont have any more.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello ranma1983! I’m sorry you aren’t getting the help you want to find justice for yourself. I think I am a little confused by the situation. Are you part of this community as well? Are you safe? If the religious leader has the power to control a situation like this and keeps tabs on the members of his congregation I just worry for your safety.

Like I said I think I am just a little confused by the situation so I am unsure what to say that might help but I hope you manage to get people to listen to you and help you. Maybe the real police if he has broken a law?

Good luck out there :hrtlegolove:


From: SuchBlue

Hi ranma1983,

It’s very frustrating to know that everyone has a false perception of who you are. As you said, I don’t see the religious leader at fault here except for maybe the fact that he lied about not knowing the person. You have evidence that what this individual said is wrong, so you have something to defend yourself with. On the other hand, I know that one would be very angry if they had a lot of rumours made about them, but do take a deep breath and just be careful what decisions you take.

I wish you the best of luck :hrtlegolove:


The religious leader isn’t at fault and my issue isn’t with him. I’m not a violent person nor am I a person to take revenge but I believe there are laws that are in place to protect people and whatever action I take will be in a court of law. In the past I had a woman that terrorized me and harassed me to the point she took me to court and tried to put me in jail luckily I didn’t but it took a toll on me mentally, emotionally, physically and economically. She was a wealthy woman of means and the guy making up rumours is also rich I’m fed up with rich people abusing others and think they’re above the law

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