I mean, technically it is water

I cracked my first white claw this morning at 9:45.

That “start drinking” time has been creeping up over the last few weeks. I don’t think I NEED to drink but I do know that it helps keep me balanced. I THINK I could stop if I wanted to but I don’t WANT to.

And yet I know it’s wrong and I’m here posting.

If you’re worried about it, if you think it’s wrong, you’re acknowledging that it may be a problem. If you think you can stop but don’t want to, try going without it tomorrow. Think of it as you don’t WANT to stop, but what’s it gonna hurt to try for a day and see if you can? Don’t worry about the rest of the week, just see about tomorrow.

Well. I failed. Dumped all the rest when I remembered this post.

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You didn’t fail. This post could have read “Well. I failed. Now I’m drunk because I blew it for the whole day,” but it doesn’t. You remembered this post and took corrective action instead of saying “What’s the point?” Read that again. You took action. That is a huge victory! I think it’s a bigger deal that you caught yourself and redirected than if you’d just woken up and breezed through the morning without a drink.