I messed up big time an now a friend hate me

I messed up big-time, I lied to another friend about my eating habit for so long an i told her last night an she is really mad at me i’ve said “sorry” over 5 times to her i don’t know what to do anymore i’m trying to make it up to her an she just won’t answer me but will see my message, but she has also said she is rat me out to my mom about me an i will be grounded for months if she dose.


Hey friend,

This is tough. I have been in similar situations and from my perspective, people typically act like this when they are scared and don’t know what to do. Your friend probably wants to help, but just doesn’t know how. Don’t take it personally and give her some time. Maybe she will come around and if she doesn’t, then we are here to support you in your journey and cheer you on.

You are loved. We care about you.

Hold fast. We believe in you

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My friend did message me but it was through my other friend bc she is still very upset that i lied to her.

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