I might have to quit my job

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.
I’ve finally been diagnosised with fibromyalgia and was super happy to finally get some answers, starts some meds to try and fix it, and hopefully get my life turned around for the better.
I don’t know what I was expecting. Some kind of magic cure? How silly of me…
Last night, at work, I started to feel confused. Very confused. I had a hard time locating items, all the numbers seemed to be running together, and I would count someone’s money and immediately forget how much I had counted and have to start all over. I was so confused, I may have even let someone leave without paying, I don’t really remember. Then, the vertigo hit. I go dizzy very quickly. Then, I felt like someone was stabbing me all over my body. I had to sit down during the rest of my shift. I felt awful. My coworker had to do all the work herself. I couldn’t drive myself home at this point, I had to have my dad get out of bed to come pick me up. I felt awful about that. And I was suppose to drive my mom to the doctor today, now she can’t go because I’m having a rough day.
I only work one day a week, but standing up for that amount of time is not helping me. It’s only 3-6 hours on my feet, I know people work longer and are on their feet longer than that at others jobs. But if I can’t handle that, how am I going to have a normal job with a normal life? I don’t think I can keep this job if this is what it is going to do to me every time i’m There.
I love you guys
Meg (SouthernPrincess) Please excuse any spelling mistakes, my brain is still foggy.

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Life is full of bumps, and this is just another one. You can’t compare yourself to how long others can stand up on their feet, because they are not you and they don’t have fibromyalgia. Don’t blame yourself for this disorder, for not being able to drive yourself or your mom. And please don’t give hope. You can find a way to live your life, don’t let this disorder also take away your faith and dreams. Maybe you can do some research on it, see how others live with it.
If you feel tired, all that should tell you is that you’re a fighter. You are worth it, and never let anything make you think otherwise.